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operator of the market leading Social Shopping site Multiply.
DUBAI: Members of a gang who allegedly claimed they could multiply money through sorcery have been arrested by Dubai police.
Dubai: Dubai police arrested three members of a gang suspected of conning people by promising to multiply their money by black magic.
Take this sum: multiply the amount of dosh paid to send the Shadow Cabinet through Eton by the sum Derek Conway fiddled to put his sons through university.
Other flu viruses multiply in the upper respiratory tract, where they're spread by coughing and sneezing.
What do I need to multiply it by to get to four and a hall?
Bacteria and germs will multiply in moist areas and can multiply on faucets, doorknobs, etc.
A multiply refined polyester material was later developed, which feels and looks like strong fibrous paper.
An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Multiply Forming
Take the salon base, then multiply that by five or six hairdressers in each salon,'' he said, eyes gleaming.
To standardize productivity, you should multiply your productivity measure by 100 and then divide this product by the percent of time the individual is involved in billable clinical activity.
Study of them is less controversial than embryonic cells, but their ability to multiply and grow into other types of tissues is limited.
Multiply length by width by depth in feet and divide by 1.