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mulct something out of someone

to cheat something away from someone. Are you trying to mulct my inheritance out of me? Max tried to mulct every last cent out of his victim.
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We have expanded damage theories to the point where we are willing to mulct defendants of amounts that all previous American generations and the citizens of all foreign countries would consider fantastic.
The only thing they understand is the brute force they use to mulct their customers.
They've ditched old common law rules so as to charge deep-pocket defendants with harms that were once considered other people's fault, thus making it thinkable to mulct automakers for the costs of drunk drivers' crashes, tobacco companies for the costs of smokers' indulgence in the weed, and now gun makers for the damage caused when their wares are used in crimes.
A few appointments with plastic surgeons can easily be incorporated into such a vast amount of expenditure if one is the sort of person who mulcts money meant for one purpose to defray the costs of another completely different activity.