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The mugger, who was white, 17-24, 5ft 7in and of very thin build, ran off empty-handed in the direction of a fire station.
Surely muggers should get more for the terror they inflict on pedestrians than someone who parks on a yellow line; but magistrates are bound by rules which link the level of court fines with the criminal's ability to pay.
The cop released the mugger who ran off with the purse still in hand.
The mugger ran off down High Grange Avenue and into Annan Road.
He gave chase but one of the two muggers turned and fired,hitting him in the leg, police said.
Andy, who had undergone a hernia operation at the town's hospital, said: "I jumped in the car and chased after the mugger.
It is evident that Carter has let them down and things need to be resolved quickly before Shark loses control over his four wannabe muggers.
Walberg and her dog, whose pedigree papers list him as Obedience Trial Champion Obstgarten Murphy the Mugger Utility Dog Excellence, had already won two national titles and been named the No.
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The second mugger is also a white male, aged 14 to 15 years old, around 6ft 1in tall, of medium build with short ginger hair and freckles on his face.
Police said she was punched in the face by her attacker after refusing to hand over her purse The mugger then rifled through her victim's pockets, stealing a set of keys and running off towards the town centre.
Talking to this news agency the enraged protestors complained that almost 13 incidents of robberies have taken place in the area during last seven days but not single mugger has yet been arrested.
The National News Agency said a mugger stabbed and robbed Omar Salem Ahmad in the village of Abdeh, Akkar, and made off with more than LL1 million.
A VICIOUS mugger punched a young woman in the face before fleeing with her bag.
That means that a mugger, listed as 'unemployed' and drawing benefits, gets fined peanuts while hardworking people with steady incomes are more heavily penalised.