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muffle something up

to deaden or stifle a sound. Betty tried to muffle the sounds up, but everyone heard what was going on. She muffled up the sounds.
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Another method for testing hot strength is to take a test core from two different resin systems (dip half of each core in coating, if you use coating) and subject them to 900F (482C) in a muffle furnace.
Muffle Furnance- Temp Range: upto 900 degree C, LED display, Microprocessor
But 36-year-old Millward told magistrates she had not been able to lay carpet to muffle the noise because she was waiting for repairs to her house.
Standard AFS test methods for LOI on new and reclaimed sands, as well as clay combustibles in clay bonded sands, require a 2-hr ignition in a muffle furnace at 1800F (982C).
But as Scandiffio weighs whether to trim the 15-year-old hedge that gives him privacy and helps muffle noise from passing cars, Burbank, Glendale, and other cities are considering relaxing draconian hedge and fence ordinances to fit in with modern times.
To ensure that the sexes work with similar doses of X genes, which scientists believe is critical for development, female mammals evolved the ability to muffle one of their sex chromosomes.
They have done everything in their power to muffle unions, damp down the enthusiasm of grassroots activists in communities like this historic mining town, and marginalize committed socialists such as Chesterfield's Benn, the longest serving Labour Party member in parliament.
The LOI test uses a representative sample of dried molding sand placed within an open crucible and positioned in a muffle furnace set at 1800F until the sample achieves a constant weight.
If you are a light sleeper or live in a high traffic area, consider using a white noise generator to muffle noise.
Tenders are invited for Supply & Installation of Willy Grinder & Muffle Furnace Willy grinder (Lab model) A- HP Motor with V-belt Stationary blades & rotor with cutting edges Removable glass plate Around 900 RPM motor speed Feed funnel Mesh 20, 40 & 60 Capacity to work on 220 / 230 V single phase 1 No.
From the beginning she made it clear to station managers that she wasn't going to muffle her identity as an out lesbian and a political radical.
1 CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH, the build-up of fatty plaques in blood vessels might muffle the gene that's responsible for making the receptors that recognize estrogen and trigger its effects in a cell.
A muffle furnace is heated to 900F and the heating chamber is allowed to soak at this temperature for at least an hour before running the test.
Tenders are invited for supply of Muffle Furnace quick heating type light weight digital controller cum with safety alarm wood insulation to keep heat loss to minimum heating chamber made of ceramic fiber muffle, surrounding with canthal wire maximum temp 950 degree centigrade continuous working temp 900 degree centigrade outer casing made of mild steel duly painted with heat resistant with plug and cord size of inner chamber 4" x 4" x 9%% Tempo /ambassador make/ Microcil make.