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fluff one's lines

 and blow one's lines; muff one's lines
to speak one's speech badly or forget one's lines when one is in a play. The actress fluffed her lines badly in the last act. I was in a play once, and I muffed my lines over and over. It's okay to blow your lines in rehearsal.
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dive a muff

tv. to perform oral sex on a woman. (Usually objectionable.) Tod likes to dive a muff every now and then.
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The prayer continues "I know, Lord, that I muffed a few and I'm sorry about that.
He muffed one, and the Owls recovered on UCLA's 2-yard line.
Tailback Chris Markey muffed a punt in UCLA's opener.
Receiver Marcus Everett said Dorrell spoke with him Tuesday about possibly taking over the duties after Markey muffed a punt against Utah.
No frosh worries: The last time Dorrell entrusted the kick return duties to a true freshman, Maurice Drew muffed a pivotal kickoff in a season-opening loss at Colorado in 2003.
Genevieve 0: Visiting Daniel Murphy of Los Angeles (2-6, 1-2) forced five turnovers, two of which came on muffed punts in their own red zone, as it defeated St.
They are telling us this week to get down the field fast to get a muffed punt,'' Pinkard said.
Punter David Lonie dropped a snap, and Tim Mixon muffed a punt, leading to 10 points for the Trojans.