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muddle along

to progress in confusion; to continue awkwardly. I will just have to muddle along as best I can until things get straightened out. The project muddled along until the new manager got hold of it.
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muddle around

to work inefficiently. I can't get anything done today. I'm just muddling around. Jed is not doing his job well. He is muddling around and getting nothing done.
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muddle something up

to mix something up; to make something confusing. You really muddled the language of this contract up. Who muddled up the wording?
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muddle through (something)

to manage to get through something awkwardly. We hadn't practiced the song enough, so we just muddled through it. We didn't know what we were meant to do, so we muddled through.
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muddled (up)

intoxicated. I've had a little too much muddler, I think. Anyway, I'm muddled. Larry is too muddled up to drive.
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muddle through

Blunder through something, manage but awkwardly, as in The choir never knows how to line up, but we muddle through somehow. [Early 1900s]
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muddle through

To do some task poorly or without strong motivation: I forgot the cookbook, so we just muddled through the recipe without it.
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muddled (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve had a little too much muddler, I think. Anyway, I’m muddled.
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See also: muddle
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4 blackberries Juice of 1 whole lime 75ml pressed apple 20ml blackberry and cinnamon syrup | Muddle the blackberries.
F: Yes-it was about the muddles that we get into in these talks and how getting into muddles makes a sort of sense.
Rouge Muddle a strip of orange zest in a glass, then add the gin and 2 ounces merlot.
fresh thyme leaves (optional), and ice in a cocktail shaker; muddle until pineapple is a chunky pulp.
Muddle said: "I've had runners at the festival before but I've never had a winner there - and I don't think I'll be having a winner there this time.
Readers who enjoy the evocative writing in The Seer of Shadows will be among those who delight in A Beginning, a Muddle and an End, Avi's humorous tale about why writing is harder than it seems.
Aimed at the 9-11s, it involves Muddlecards, secret signs, mirrors (which you cut out of the back of the book) to trap the Muddles and almost forensic detective work.
If the economy is a complex system, which I believe it is, the best we can do in policy analysis is to muddle through.
Nonetheless, the muddles Overall describes can really muddle up one's life, and it is important to try to minimize those conflicts in the lives of feminist academics.
The problem is that most believers, I think, accept a composite God who is a preposterous muddle of contradictions, a God infected with the gravest moral evil.
While here, as in following chapters, the presentation tends to muddle the distinct features of each system, the overall discussion provides a comprehensive and valuable overview of their capabilities.
Announcing the move, MedPharm CEO, Dr Andrew Muddle, commented: "Since its inception as a university spin-out, MedPharm has operated R&D from laboratories in Kings College, London.
Going into Sunday's Maesgwm Muddle Race, Lee was already assured of at least a share of the title, meaning she would become the first Welsh woman to be crowned British champion since Angela Brand-Barker, also of Eryri, back in 1994.
So change is required but that doesn't mean that it's not possible to muddle on in the existing structures.
Miss Muddle was very firm and strict, it seemed to us at the time, but looking back she was very progressive for the time.