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mow someone or something down

to cut, knock, or shoot someone or something down. The speeding car almost mowed us down. The car mowed down the pedestrian.
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mow down

1. Destroy in great numbers, especially in battle, as in The machine gun mowed them down as they advanced. [Late 1500s]
2. Overwhelm, as in He mowed down the opposition with his arguments. This usage, like the first, alludes to mowing, the cutting of grass with a scythe or other implement.
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mow down

1. To trim back or cut down something that grows from the ground: Unfortunately, you didn't just cut the grass—you mowed down all the potato plants. We mowed the brush down with scythes.
2. To destroy or incapacitate someone or something as if by cutting or driving into the ground: The machine gunners mowed down hundreds of enemy troops within the first ten minutes of fighting. I tried to tackle the runner, but he just mowed me down. The gang drove by with machine guns and mowed the informant down in front of his house.
3. To overwhelm someone or something: The experienced debater mowed down the opposition with persuasive arguments.
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mow, blow, and go

n. the lawn service that quickly mows the grass, blows the pavements clean, and leaves. Now you see them and now you don’t. It’s mow, blow, and go time.
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mow the lawn

and mow one’s lawn
tv. to comb one’s hair. I’ll be with you as soon as I mow the lawn. Don’t you think you better mow your lawn?
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mow one’s lawn

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Use it to clear the edges of fields, mow along stonewalls, under and around fences, and on steep or wet ground impossible for heavy machinery.
He follows the same painstaking route each time he mows and takes time to ensure an immaculate result," the report found.
Evening mowing Mowing in the evening actually puts less strain on your lawn than a daytime trim and never mow when it's wet or covered in dew.
David has been working for me for about three years now, even coming in after school," said Kevin White, who added, "My father takes care of mowing the rough and fairways, and David mows greens and maintains the tees, plus some watering.
Residents can find out more about the work and ask any questions at a customer information session on Tuesday, August 18, from 3pm to 7pm, at Barley Mow Village Hall on Bedford Avenue.
Mow bray also refused to criticise Phillips despite his costly second half misses.
When you mow, leave the clippings in place - "grasscycle" them.
A Steak Night has been started from 5 to 8pm on Wednesdays in the Barley Mow Inn.
Margaret's Bay, while the CBS MOW Songs in Ordinary Time, starring Beau Bridges and Sissy Spacek, is shooting in Windsor at the head of the Annapolis Valley.
Never use a riding mower for steep hills, and mow across a hill with a push mower instead of upward and downward.
jpg), a product that actually enables homeowners to mow and aerate the lawn at the same time.
Ready To Mow allows homeowners to have routine maintenance performed by a John Deere factory-trained service professional at the customer's home.
The Harvard-Westlake of Studio City tandem of Hillary Mow and Ally Young finished 2-3 to earn the other two league individual postseason berths.
On slopes, mow up and down rather than across the slope.
To mow responsibly and help keep children safe, the CPSC recommends these steps when operating riding mowers: