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move (from some place) (to some place)

to travel from one place to another. The whole family moved from Denver to Chicago. We moved to the country.
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In addition to providing a marketplace for moving companies to provide moving coupons and discounts, Moving Guardian's index of moving tips, articles, and links serves as a helpful resource for seniors looking to avoid common moving scams and plan for a smooth move or relocation from start to finish.
will move approximately 500 employees from its investment banking and capital markets businesses, as well as all infrastructure and support, from its current location in midtown Manhattan to 7 World Trade Center.
In squeeze casting, pieces of the die move together to form the liquid metal into a shape.
Gale used a computer to find the winning moves for arrays that are 3 cookies wide and up to 100 cookies long (3 by n).
Early on, Power Moves lost one of its largest clients, and Prez was left pondering his decision to fly solo.
The Second Question: Who among the two is correct: the one who says that water and earth move toward the center and air and fire move away from the center or the one who says that all of them move toward the center but the heavier one arrives at the center before the lighter?
All told, Thomas has spent over 22 of the last 30 years involved in military personal property moves.
Each of these moves is inherently strategic, and therefore the domain of the CEO.
Hydraulics, where high pressure (200-350 bar) oil provides the energy to move a piston; and
A move from the last post of duty to home or to a nearer point in the U.
Extra insurance purchased for moves usually runs about half to three-quarters of 1 percent of the ``fair value'' of your goods.
At North Alabama, we break down our left-hander's pick-off moves into four categories, predicated on good mechanics from the basic move in the stretch position: "set.
Moreover, to the extent an overall cap is set without a congressional hearing to determine the range of expenses incurred for domestic and foreign moves, the provision in H.
It's appropriate to get estimates from three movers, although in larger moves five may be better.
It made it easier for him to test new initiatives, and it gave him credibility when controversial moves had to be made.