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prime mover

The person or thing that generates the initial energy or momentum for something to happen. The newly elected congresswoman has been the prime mover in the recent environmental reforms. While there were a confluence of events leading to his removal from office, it was the revelation of his tax evasion over the years that was the prime mover.
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a mover and a shaker

A person who is able to get things done with their power, influence, or money. She thinks her father can get me into law school; apparently he's quite a mover and a shaker. The conference is going to be full of movers and shakers of the industry, so I want to make a good impression.
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movers and shakers

people who get things done; organizers and managers. The movers and shakers in this firm haven't exactly been working overtime. Who are the movers and shakers around here?
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prime mover

Fig. the force that sets something going; someone or something that starts something off. The assistant manager was the prime mover in getting the manager sacked. Discontent with his job was the prime mover in John's deciding to retire early.
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mover and shaker

A person who wields power and influence in a particular activity or field, as in He's one of the movers and shakers in the art world. At first the two nouns referred specifically to God, alluding to the belief that a divine force was responsible for all events. The current usage refers only to human beings. [Second half of 1800s]
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prime mover

The initial source of energy directed toward a goal, someone or something that sets others in motion. For example, Jean was the prime mover in getting us more laboratory space, or Patriotism was the prime mover of the revolution. [Late 1600s]
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the movers and shakers

COMMON If you talk about the movers and shakers, you mean the people with power and influence in a particular area who make things happen and cause new developments. They were given introductions to the movers and shakers in the industry. Cochran was only 21, but in four short years had established himself as one of the movers and shakers of '50s rock'n'roll. Note: This comes from the poem `Ode' by Arthur O'Shaugnessy (1874): `We are the music-makers And we are the dreamers of dreams... We are the movers and shakers Of the world for ever, it seems.'
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a mover and shaker

someone at the centre of events who makes things happen; a powerful person.
Movers and shakers is first recorded in Arthur O'Shaughnessy's 1874 poem ‘Ode’.
1998 Times Ten years from now his name will again be high on the list of movers and shakers to watch in the decade.
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ˌmovers and ˈshakers

people with power in important organizations: He is one of the principle movers and shakers in the political arena.
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a prime ˈmover

a person or a thing that starts something and has an important influence on its development: The prime mover in setting up the group was ex-lawyer James Stanley.Economic factors are the prime mover of change.
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movers and shakers

n. people who get things done; organizers and managers. The movers and shakers in this firm haven’t exactly been working overtime.
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