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Whenever people move house, the first question they're asked is: "When are you having your housewarming party?
If I also own another property - say as an investment - the Land Registry will not automatically update the register of that property when I move house.
The Shermans claim they had to move house after the woman's name, address and phone number appeared online with the photos.
It must be so taxing for you watching other people packing your things up to move house.
In fact, your TV licence does not automatically move with you when you move house.
1) GBP23,800 = hidden house costs per purchase (GBP7000) x average no of times people move house in a lifetime (3.
UK ISP, Zen Internet, has launched a new service aimed at making it easier for customers to retain their Zen broadband service when they move house.
Thousands of people move house every year and, although they remember to inform their bank, work and the post office that they have moved, they often forget to tell charities like Anthony Nolan.
It's the most dramatic property experience in our lives - the day we move house.
Burkey is a very special bear as he helps people to move house along with a crew of crazy animal friends.
The May 13, 1985, confrontation killed five adults and six children in the MOVE house and burned 61 homes in the surrounding neighborhood.
This report attempts to quantify some of the features that people look for when they move house.
Bosses at the facility say the upturn reflects increased confidence in the housing market with homeowners looking to move house or create more space in their homes.
A RISE in property viewings, valuations and mailing list requests in the run up to Christmas suggests people are keen to move house - if the price is right.
F you're planning to move house, then you probably feel like you've got a million-and-one things to do - not least, working out how many moving boxes and other packaging materials you'll need for packing up your belongings