move forward with

move forward with something

to advance with something; to make progress with something. Let us try to move forward with this matter at once. I want to move forward with the project at a fast pace.
See also: forward, move
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We want to move forward with US but our concerns should be addressed, ' he said.
We move forward with our interim management plan that provides internal support, coordination, and cooperation between the national office staff, the national Board of Directors and the NAI members.
While the investors are present as a group, there is leeway for independent partnerships, as individual investors can choose to move forward with an entrepreneur if a presentation grabbed their interest.
I think it's important that we continue to move forward with it,'' Tracy said.
The province doesn't plan to move forward with Best Start however until the federal Budget clears all the Parliamentary hurdles.
With proof of concept in hand, the investigators can move forward with learning how to get the most out of this latest agent against HIV.
The report encourages NARA to move forward with a careful, modular procurement plan, starting with many small pilot programs to address focused aspects of the overall problem and then pulling together the pieces in the future.
After the team determined that the stadium/mixed-use development concept at Candlestick Point would not deliver the optimal game day experience it is seeking, and announced it would not move forward with the public approval process, the team has also publicly offered to continue to work with the City to explore holding Olympic events at its proposed new stadium in Santa Clara.
It is very good that trade is going forward, but, I would want that other things to move forward with the same speed".
The council's approval of the project's design, environmental impact report and business terms now allows the city and Caruso to move forward with purchasing the remaining land in the project area, relocating tenants and exercising eminent domain, if necessary.
The 49ers also worked with the City on alternative venue options to safeguard its bid if the team decided not to move forward with the proposed new stadium.
They also said the deal allowed them to move forward with restructuring the agency and finding a new president.
Team Says Fan Experience Comes First in Evaluation of Site, Decides Not to Move Forward With Approval Process at Candlestick Point
State law also allows a plaintiff to prepare records for the case, but the environmentalists weren't allowed to move forward with that process, Plambeck said.
El Paso Electric has chosen to move forward with their ongoing remote disconnect program utilizing the Nighthawk Systems-American Messaging partnership.