move back

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move someone or something back (from someone or something)

to cause someone or something to move back and away from someone or something. Please move your child back from the lawn mower. Move everyone back from the street.
See also: back, move

move back (from someone or something)

to move back and away. (Often a command.) Please move back from the edge. Please move back!
See also: back, move
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I believe he had a chance to move back to Brazil, but he has decided to stay back in Dubai and we respect his decision," Al Ahli coach Cosmin Olaroiu told media.
He can't assume that just because he's fed up over there that he can move back in with you like the past five years never happened.
Cisse is hoping a move back to Europe can enhance his chances of representing France at the World Cup finals next summer.
You cannot take on any new staff and must work with the fans' favourite ex-player - move back three squares.
As compared with youth in other countries, young people in the United States generally move out of their parents' homes at an early age, but they are thought to be more apt to move back repeatedly after they leave.
To me, this proves young people are willing to move back to rural communities if the right opportunity presents itself.
The AC Milan midfielder had previously claimed he would make an emotional move back to Ibrox towards the end of his career.
For the last three years she has been head of department at a solicitor's in Stourbridge but wanted to move back to having more direct involvement with clients.
Another 64 families will move back into their homes when those floors are open.
All my friends and family are in Birmingham and I am looking to move back here," said 27-year-old Webbe, who grew up in Bordesley Green.
Things were tough economically so we decided to move back to California.
The EPA doesn't say whether it's safe for residents to move back to New Orleans.
However, while many have supported the Tamil Tigers as their best chance to move back to a Sri Lanka without ethnic discrimination, many Tamils are questioning some of the group's policies.
Nicholas, 34, sold his house before Christmas to move back to London where he also has a home.
But after retiring, they will move back towards town for easier access to shops and friends.