move back

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move someone or something back (from someone or something)

to cause someone or something to move back and away from someone or something. Please move your child back from the lawn mower. Move everyone back from the street.
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move back (from someone or something)

to move back and away. (Often a command.) Please move back from the edge. Please move back!
See also: back, move
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By the fifth age, when people are over 65, those who have moved away want to move back into the suburbs.
Warrington Wolves front-rower Morley is out of contract at the end of the season and has been linked with a move back to his old club Sydney Roosters.
I am sure that many previously socialist types such as myself, who now vote for the SNP, would come back to the fold if they thought that Labour were to move back into the centre-left of British politics.
Not only do parents assume that once their child has gone to university they are gone for good, but children also assume they can just move back home when they please, without necessarily running it past their folks", he said.
A South Tyneside Homes spokesman said: "We anticipate that the family will be able to move back into their home within weeks.
BAD-BOY actor Charlie Sheen is poised to move back in with his estranged wife after the pair went through counseling.
The couple, who are both 25 and work as graphic designers, have each been forced to move back in with their respective parents so they can save for a house deposit.
While nearly two-thirds of people said they would be able to cover the additional food expenses of having a grown up child or elderly parent move back in with them, only 54 per cent thought they would be able to afford the extra bills, according to Birmingham Midshires.
A close pal said they were "ecstatic" at the move back to Robert's native city, adding: "It really is a beautiful house.
Despite price volatility, high oil prices do not appear sustainable long-term, and oil should move back down to $40 per barrel over the next year or two.
05 billion dollars last year, it has decided to move back the comics to their original publisher.
DURING the Blues v Dragons match, Peter Thomas was asked if the Blues would move back to Cardiff Arms Park, "we are willing to listen, but no", and now Mr Holland, the new chief executive, says there isn't going to be a move back to the Arms Park.
Perhaps your parents are frightened of talking about things as they don't want you to move back to England.
MIKEL ARTETA could be set to 'do a Fabregas' and ask for a move back to Spain.
THE wife of shamed golfer Tiger Woods is set to move back in with him.