move away from

move away from something

to change your ideas about something He had moved away from the liberalism of his earlier heroes.
See also: away, move
References in classic literature ?
About three o'clock in the morning, Joe, who was then on watch, at length saw the city move away from beneath his feet.
Then flinging herself upon the uncomfortable sofa she said, "Mademoiselle, I am going to move away from my house on Esplanade Street.
BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, from Tagyyer Movement (Change), Shirin Raza called on Haider al-Abadi Prime Ministers and the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, to sit at the real negotiating table and move away from sending delegations that did not work to resolve differences and outstanding issues between the two sides.
He noted Acer's need to move away from the conventional business model with which it had once become the world's number two personal computer maker, as stiff rivalry from competitors like Apple in recent years had caused fortunes to slide.
Global Banking News-September 20, 2013--Asian private banking clients move away from bank capital(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
18 ( ANI ): New Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has pledged to move away from sloganeering in foreign diplomacy.
She said that they gather every Sunday in the yards of the mosque to take a Quran reading class outdoors, and that they were near Al-Magharbeh gate-- the closest to Jewish settlers and the most used by Israeli authorities to lead in settlers and touring groups-- when an Israeli police officer came and asked them to move away from the area.
I could not move away from the TV, it was so exciting.
There has been a move away from brands, except in mobile tech and tablet market.
Summary: Sidon MP Bahia Hariri called on Palestinian factions to bolster security inside Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon and move away from divisions and strife.
Summary: Lewis Hamilton has not ruled out a move away from Formula One to rival Nascar.
The move away from concessions has temporarily dented sales growth but boosted profit margins, as the retailer has shifted its stores around to give its own-bought products more prominence.
AN IMPORTANT new report from the United Nations has said that we urgently need to move away from our meat and dairy-rich diets to ensure our planet's very survival.
CRAIG BELLAMY has ruled out a move away from Manchester City and insists new manager Roberto Mancini has his full support.
This is a sign that it is trying to move away from appealing to ABC1 shoppers and go back to its discounter roots.