move around

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move someone or something around

to move someone or something from place to place. I wish that the army would stop moving me around. I have moved ten times in eight years. Let's move the furniture around and see how this room looks.
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He used his innovative mind to develop a suitable aid with which Julie could move around.
On future space missions, astronauts may be constructing stations or scaling red-rock walls on Mars For that they'll need a suit that they can easily move around in.
We're on concrete and this machine needs to move around quite a bit," Neil notes.
What kinds of dust, dirt, and little creatures move around in your home?
This spring, Japanese companies are also marketing a "robot suit," a motorized, battery-operated pair of pants designed to help the aged move around on their own.
New to the education market, this optical mouse allows teachers and lecturers to move around the room freely as they present to their students.
While animal rights advocates often support better treatment of chickens including more space to move around outdoors or in, and the elimination of battery cages (which can be less than 48 inches of space per bird in the U.
A CAMPAIGN to encourage women to move around while giving birth was launched today.
Gregg, president of the RDA Southwest Region, was looking forward to the new locale, "We might see some falloff because of the move, but then we may see more participants when they realize it's going to move around.
It's a real step-saver, and so stable I can use it to get up and move around the yard
Then, Copernicus realized they should have been asking how the planets move around the sun.
But whether or not you are that lucky, move around as much as possible.
This allows the art therapist to move around the room and work with the residents.
A UNIVERSITY of Warwick academic believes having more houses and flats to rent would give employees more chance to move around the country for their job and boost the economy.
Each piece is over 4m high and visitors are at liberty to explore their labyrinthine configurations, experiencing a sense of imbalance, movement and optical illusion as they move around the monumental metal forms.