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move (from some place) (to some place)

to travel from one place to another. The whole family moved from Denver to Chicago. We moved to the country.
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Another asset for movers, Moving Guardian's Moving Calculator makes it possible for users to specify the belongings they would like to move by room, at which point the calculator will estimate the total volume and weight of the items.
At approximately 140,000 s/f on floors 30-33, the ABN AMRO deal represents the second largest tenant deal to be signed for 7 WTC, and yet another in a growing number of major corporate moves to Downtown Manhattan.
Liquid metal is placed in the open cavity of the preheated bottom piece, and then the top piece moves down, squeezing the metal into its final shape, which in this case was a round, stepped plate with a uniform wall thickness of 0.
The same strategy works for an array two rows high where the first move makes one row one cookie shorter than the other.
In an initial logistic regression model, controlling only for teenagers' background characteristics, youth reporting a recent move at Wave 1 had a significantly elevated likelihood of beginning to have sex by Wave 2 (odds ratio, 1.
Diddy" Combs' road manager to senior director of promotions for Bad Boy and eventually to CEO of his own company, Power Moves Inc.
And what would such a person say about the fire that moves from the bottom [upward]; does it move naturally or by force?
Hold down the Ctrl button and click on the tab of each worksheet you wish to move or copy.
We are moving to Families First and that will give more input from the service members into their move," said Thomas.
In addition, there are customer adjacencies (Schwab's pursuit of higher-wealth customers); value-chain moves (Nike's decision to open its own retail stores); and new businesses based on core competencies (American Airlines' creation of Sabre).
First, the suspension allows the magnet to move along the desired axial path with minimal resistance.
It was Antonovich's proposal to move the tree, a suggestion that has brought conflicting opinions: The arborist hired for the job says it is possible to relocate the ancient oak, while those fighting for the tree said moving it would kill it.
Richard Move is expounding on his alter ego, Martha--a present-day reincarnation of choreographic goddess Martha Graham.
If a MAF deserts, is imprisoned or dies while on active duty, a permanent change of station for the spouse or dependent includes a move to the place of enlistment or to his member's, his spouse's or dependent's home of record or nearer point in the U.
At North Alabama, we break down our left-hander's pick-off moves into four categories, predicated on good mechanics from the basic move in the stretch position: "set.