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movable feast

An event or occurrence that does not happen on a predictable schedule. Since Easter does not fall on the same calendar date each year, it's often called a movable feast.
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movable feast

1. Lit. a religious holiday that is on a different date from year to year. Easter is the best known movable feast.
2. Fig. a meal that is served in motion or with different portions of the meal served at different locations. (Jocular or a complete misunderstanding of {1} but in wide use.) We enjoyed a real movable feast on the train from Washington to Maimi.
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a movable feast

If an event is a movable feast, it can happen at different times or in different places. Held about 29 May, the festival was a movable feast. Working parents wish to spend time with their children after they get home, so bedtime has become a movable feast. Note: This expression originally referred to religious holidays that are always celebrated at about the same time of year, but not always on exactly the same day.
See also: feast, movable
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After outgrowing our two previous spaces, Movable Ink was in the market for an office that could accommodate our rapidly growing staff," said Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink.
Specifically, Egypt scored only three out of 10 points on the strength of legal rights index, which measures the effectiveness of regulations on non-possessory security interests in movable property.
There is a way you can benefit from the advantages of a single, movable pin without giving up the flexibility of multiple pins.
The generation of working machine programs required building virtual 3D models of movable and fixed insert shapes.
The referee expected that they would be movable but on trying to move them, found that was not the case.
omorgus); movable finger with 1 acuminate seta (gs); with 2 dorsal and 1 ventral lyrifissures; lamina exterior present; movable finger with 1 dorsal tooth; galea long and slender with 5-6 rami; flagellum composed of 4 blades, or possibly 3 blades in one species; two anterior blades dentate along distal anterior half, two shorter blades smooth, or in case of species with 3 blades, anterior blade dentate and others smooth.
Its sole purpose was to produce multi-component parts, specifically movable components made of incompatible materials that don't bond when overmolded.
Whether they swing, retract, or are raised, New York City's movable bridges are receiving a much-needed dose of care.
Creating your own movable bar is one stylish option.
While many systems and variations of solfege systems are in use today, three basic systems prevail in the United States: Fixed Do, Movable Do and La-Based Minor.
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We believe CBTF[TM] is the best all-around movable ballast system on the water and gives racers an advantage on long courses, short courses, buoy racing and offshore - both upwind and downwind.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of movable equipment on behalf of the fonds belval in the house of knowledge and the house of humanities at belval.