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movable feast

An event or occurrence that does not happen on a predictable schedule. Since Easter does not fall on the same calendar date each year, it's often called a movable feast.
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movable feast

1. Lit. a religious holiday that is on a different date from year to year. Easter is the best known movable feast.
2. Fig. a meal that is served in motion or with different portions of the meal served at different locations. (Jocular or a complete misunderstanding of {1} but in wide use.) We enjoyed a real movable feast on the train from Washington to Maimi.
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a movable feast

If an event is a movable feast, it can happen at different times or in different places. Held about 29 May, the festival was a movable feast. Working parents wish to spend time with their children after they get home, so bedtime has become a movable feast. Note: This expression originally referred to religious holidays that are always celebrated at about the same time of year, but not always on exactly the same day.
See also: feast, movable
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He turned the radio on/turned on MOVABILITY (PARTICLE the radio.
Movability in and of itself is not the controlling factor in deciding to which class of property an item belongs (Kramertoun Co.
Everyone says they're slow, I'm not so sure, that would depend on your expectations, where you have to be at what time, maybe it works out beautifully for them because they set their sights low, they don't get invitations that require fancy movability.
The product offers important benefits including optimised cost, easy installation and maintenance, movability and low visual impact.
In both types, the left-peripheral element of nominals play a role in the movability, as seen in the contrast between (36b) and (36c), and between OMNs and IMNs.
Make viewing easy for everyone using this Rotel mobile media unit with swivel top for total movability, pounds 89, from McCord (0870 908 7020).
The movability can by means of self-propulsion, eg Scissor lifts, work platforms carried on trucks or lifts on trailers.
The innovative design allows for easy movability and includes a functional drawer for storage space.
While providing the necessary dexterity and movability, an additional major requirement for the hands is to provide rich sensory feedback.