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n. a lawyer specializing in criminal cases. (Underworld.) I won’t answer anything without my mouth right here by me.
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The BJP will not get any party for the alliance in India and they have to get someone from other planets," the mouthpiece said.
Lampard, who earned 106 caps for his country, said: "I swallowed the mouthpiece of a trumpet as a kid.
He was apparently defending Roque from Lagman's earlier reminder to Roque that he was a mouthpiece and not the justice secretary, when Roque said he took the position of presidential spokesperson to advise the President on human rights issues.
Parents pits offspring against mom and dad in a mouthpiece challenge.
In the existing literature, it is documented in the previous studies that mouthpiece has protective as well as performance enhancing ability of the individual.
Summary: A Hezbollah drone Tuesday struck militant posts in northern Syria, the party's social media mouthpiece said, in the first known report of the group using aircraft to strike enemy targets.
This latest version offers more information and analogies for teaching mouthpiece placement, hand position for beginning students, and proper sitting and standing postures.
I am often amazed by the prevalence of stock mouthpieces in band classrooms; the difference between one of these mouthpieces and a professional quality mouthpiece is enormous.
Sunday People Mouthpiece interviewed 574 readers aged 18-plus online.
That's why we've launched Mirror Mouthpiece, our own online research community, giving readers a chance to have their say on the future of the Sunday Mirror.
While wearing a mouthpiece in various contact sports was helpful in the past, FIT has invented a more improved tool to help athletes worldwide.
Bulgarian capital Sofiaas subway CEO Stoyan Bratoev has stated he has anothing to doa with the far-right partisan mouthpiece that was distributed as a afree newspaper.
Her previous job was mouthpiece and chief apologist for the British Bankers' Association.
com, with their FDA cleared, BPA-free VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece, has partnered with AffiliateManager.
Summary: In an interview to party mouthpiece Smna, Uddhav Thackeray urged the BJP to ensure that there was no repeat of situation like presidential election when BJP's last minute decision had led to a split in the NDA.