mourn for

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mourn for someone or something

 and mourn over someone or something
to grieve for someone or something. Everyone will mourn for you when you go. We all mourned over the end of the holiday. There is no point in mourning over your cat. It won't come back.
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We mourn for Cariboo, and we admit frankly that although this newspaper reported a year ago that the end of the diocese was sealed and delivered, we hoped that it would not be so.
Scripture is the source of the mourning/joy paradox: "Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted" (Matt.
to hold a memorial meeting and mourn for our beloved Comrade Deng Xiaoping with profound grief,'' said Deng's handpicked political heir, President Jiang Zemin, in a voice laden with emotion, wiping his eyes as he gave a somber tribute.
To-day, O hearken, nor your folly mourn For time mispent, that never will return.
Let us mourn for the dead children and their teacher, not just in Scotland but anywhere in the world where people have the humanity to share in the unmitigated grief of such unjust deaths.
Because I have mourned for others it is possible to imagine that Jaye Davidson would mourn for me, having once been large and colored too.