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mount resistance

To try to stop or keep something from happening. I'm worried that the townspeople are going to mount resistance once they learn that yet another tax has been levied against them.
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mount something against someone or something

to create or instigate something against someone or something. The prosecutor mounted a questionable case against Robert. The state mounted a very complex case against the company.
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mount something on something

to place or attach something onto something. Mount the butterflies on plain white paper. Sue mounted her favorite stamps on a display board.
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mount up

1. to get up on a horse. Mount up and let's get out of here! Please mount up so we can leave.
2. [for something] to increase in amount or extent. Expenses really mount up when you travel. Medical expenses mount up very fast when you're in the hospital.
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mount/stand/keep ˈguard (over somebody/something)

act as a guard: Two soldiers stood guard over the captured weapons.
See also: guard, keep, mount, stand
References in classic literature ?
From the moment that they truly loved, they had subjected themselves to earth's doom of care and sorrow, and troubled joy, and had no more a home at Merry Mount.
But none of these motives had much weight with the colonists of Merry Mount.
But what chiefly characterized the colonists of Merry Mount was their veneration for the Maypole.
Not far from Merry Mount was a settlement of Puritans, most dismal wretches, who said their prayers before daylight, and then wrought in the forest or the cornfield till evening made it prayer time again.
But should the banner staff of Merry Mount be fortunate, sunshine would break upon the hills, and flowers would beautify the forest, and late posterity do homage to the Maypole.
Even that dim light is now withdrawn, relinquishing the whole domain of Merry Mount to the evening gloom, which has rushed so instantaneously from the black surrounding woods.
Yes, with the setting sun, the last day of mirth had passed from Merry Mount.
We rather doubt his identity with the priest of Merry Mount.
It groaned with a dismal sound; it showered leaves and rosebuds upon the remorseless enthusiast; and finally, with all its green boughs and ribbons and flowers, symbolic of departed pleasures, down fell the banner staff of Merry Mount.
They went heavenward, supporting each other along the difficult path which it was their lot to tread, and never wasted one regretful thought on the vanities of Merry Mount.
Three pre-engineered mounts from Webex simplify and speed dead shaft idler roll mount installation.
Sensi-Dry weigh dryer mounts the drying hopper onto load cells that sense the weight of the hopper and its contents.
The problem is the metal is thin on the HMMWV at the wheel sponsor where the antenna mounts go.
Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation is offering an expanded line of LCD and CRT mounts for installing displays, even in difficult locations.
Other embedment media, such as cold mounts and acrylics that cure very quickly may not bind well to particles, have poor edge retention and decompose rapidly from electron beam irradiation.