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mount resistance

To try to stop or keep something from happening. I'm worried that the townspeople are going to mount resistance once they learn that yet another tax has been levied against them.
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mount something against someone or something

to create or instigate something against someone or something. The prosecutor mounted a questionable case against Robert. The state mounted a very complex case against the company.
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mount something on something

to place or attach something onto something. Mount the butterflies on plain white paper. Sue mounted her favorite stamps on a display board.
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mount up

1. to get up on a horse. Mount up and let's get out of here! Please mount up so we can leave.
2. [for something] to increase in amount or extent. Expenses really mount up when you travel. Medical expenses mount up very fast when you're in the hospital.
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This technology then verifies and reports the accuracy of the mount by comparing reference points color-to-color up to the fourth decimal point, so the operator knows the job is ready to go when it leaves the mounter the first time.
Alize's dad, Kevin Mounter, and Lowri's dad, Andrew Mounter, are twin brothers.
Then make-up consultant Kirstie Mounter set to work on creating a glam evening look.
Both Miss Mounter and fellow British contestant Miss Scotland, Jennifer Reoch, made it through to the final seven.
Alize Lily Mounter with her trophy Wales' own Alize Lily Mounter competes in the Miss England final
Winner Alize Mounter, from London, will compete in the 61st Miss World contest in London in November, watched by an estimated audience of two billion.
Rebecca Morton, 24, of Coundon, lost out to second place Rissikat Bade, 21, and winner Alize Lily Mounter, 22, at London's Hilton Metropole Hotel on Tuesday night.
DURHAM CITY: R Heineger, Hollingsworth, Wren, Stephenson, Mounter, Ayre (Furr), Winter, Graham, Home-Jackson, Wright (Harbord), Cutts (James).
SM411 dynamic chipshooter is said to have placement speeds of 42,000 cph for chips and 30,000 cph for SOP; the SM421 advanced flexible mounter is said to have placement speeds of 21,000 cph.
Kidderminster took an early lead with a try by scrum-half Rob Porter which John Mounter improved, but Camp Hill hit back with tries by Jermaine Bernard and Simon Tansley.
F: Faithful Unto Death by Edward Poynter; G: Mrs Mounter by Harold Gilman.
The 40-year-old mounter and remodeller claims the satisfaction he gets from seeing a job through compensates for missing great goals.
Tenders are invited for Maintanance Kit For R6 Relay Valve Panel Mounter For Ftil Pt No: 790534106 As Per Annexure Enclosed
LOWRI Mounter is aiming to be the next Miss Wales just three years after her cousin won the Miss England crown.