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mount resistance

To try to stop or keep something from happening. I'm worried that the townspeople are going to mount resistance once they learn that yet another tax has been levied against them.
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mount something against someone or something

to create or instigate something against someone or something. The prosecutor mounted a questionable case against Robert. The state mounted a very complex case against the company.
See also: mount

mount something on something

to place or attach something onto something. Mount the butterflies on plain white paper. Sue mounted her favorite stamps on a display board.
See also: mount, on

mount up

1. to get up on a horse. Mount up and let's get out of here! Please mount up so we can leave.
2. [for something] to increase in amount or extent. Expenses really mount up when you travel. Medical expenses mount up very fast when you're in the hospital.
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mount/stand/keep ˈguard (over somebody/something)

act as a guard: Two soldiers stood guard over the captured weapons.
See also: guard, keep, mount, stand
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Product/Service/Works Keywords: Rack mountable network
Contract awarded for Is required to acquire thermoshelves mountable, as shown in hsab acquisition request 1015, issued by patricia velazquez antonacos
The Xirrus Triple Play Wi-Fi Array, which packs 4, 8, or 16 radios along with an onboard Gigabit Switch into a compact, ceiling mountable device, utilizes industry standard Wired QoS protocols -- 802.
The ESTeem 195Ep is contained in a rugged, industrial hardened, pole mountable case and has RF peak output power levels up to 2 watts, allowing data rates of up to 54 Mbps for a range of approximately 7 miles.
Housed in a 19" 3 RU rack mountable enclosure, the iQ2280 features 4 x 4 Gb/s host ports (1.
The Direct-Link gateway is DIN rail mountable, has an IP20 rating and is certified by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA).
Accurate positioning of the vessel will be ensured by eight 5500kW Wartsila Underwater Mountable thrusters, four of which are also retractable.
The new Haswell-powered G-Win Series offers mountable panels, LCD display and ultra high-speed processing
Patented recently is a mechanical fastening system for an article having a stretchablc loop fastener component mountable on the article and including an elastomeric substrate and a high bond point non -woven loop material secured to the elastomeric substrate.