motion to

motion to someone

to make some sort of hand signal to a person. Did you motion to me? What do you want? I did not motion to you.
See also: motion
References in classic literature ?
Scroll-wise coiled forwards beneath the body, and then rapidly sprung backwards, it is this which gives that singular darting, leaping motion to the monster when furiously swimming.
12), you learned that Shaun White relies on Newton's laws of motion to tackle high-flying stunts on his skateboard or snowboard.
In an experiment performed by NIST, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, ultra-cold atoms oscillating in optical potential wells were observed to tunnel from one allowed motion to another which was not well connected via a classical pathway.
The White House could, at this point, present a motion to dismiss the case, though that is unlikely.
2-4 show our basic plays with normal wingback motion to the split-end side.
Cohen points out, in addition, that both considered motion to be a state, that both spoke of the theory of inertia as a "law," and that both made use of the qualifying phrase "quantum in se est" in describing it.
Instead of abruptly and arbitrarily shifting from one type of motion to another, the ribbon endlessly repeats the same combination of moves.
The MCA is a new computing category, created by Intel with support from Motion to enable nurses, physicians and other clinicians to do their jobs on the move.
The "Special" lets our halfbacks know that we want our pre-snap motion to be in the opposite direction; that is, instead of motioning left, we want motion to the right.
In their view, brain cells that detect motion in a particular direction become so overworked when adapting to a moving pattern that their activity temporarily reverses when the pattern halts, giving motion to what an observer knows are firmly rooted trees.
Exclusive North American rights for New Motion to develop and promote TNA branded mobile content, including alerts, blogs, wallpapers, ringtones, fan clubs and fan polling.
The ADXL330's robust 3-axis motion signal processing performance enables a new concept in console video game controllers and gaming interfaces by allowing the gamer's body motion to control his or her actions in the game in real time.
Each product leverages kinetic research through Bentley Kinetics' proprietary technologies, which analyze 3-D human motion to evaluate movement patterns.
As we continue to use Segway Smart Motion to expand our product offering, we will work with companies like WowWee to maximize the impact of the technology in the marketplace," said Jim Norrod, chief executive officer.
The M1400 is the third generation of an award-winning slate tablet PC design that has yielded demonstrable productivity improvements in a variety of vertical markets, and propelled Motion to top-tier status in worldwide tablet PC market share," said David Altounian, Motion's chief product officer.