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drawn to (something) like a moth to a flame

Eagerly drawn or attracted to something. (Bright lights often attract moths.) I had always liked art, and once I got to college, I was drawn to textile design like a moth to a flame My toddler is drawn like moth to a flame when she sees anything that could be remotely dangerous.
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like a moth to a flame

With intense and immediate interest. We brought out the water slide for the party and the kids came running like moths to a flame. Whenever I park my Ferrari, there's inevitably someone who wants to come gawk at it, like a moth to a flame.
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drawn like a moth to a flame

Fig. attracted [to someone or some event] instinctively or very strongly, as a moth is drawn to the light of a flame. Customers were drawn to the sale like a moth to aflame. They came from all over and bought up everything in the store.
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like a moth to a flame

If a person is attracted to someone or something like a moth to a flame, they are strongly attracted to them. The bright lights of west London drew Kharin like a moth to a flame. Girls were around him like moths to a flame. Note: This expression is very variable. For example, you can talk about moths around a flame, or replace flame with candle. Men flock around her like moths around a flame.
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like a moth to the flame

irresistibly attracted to someone or something.
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Surprises this summer also included an influx of Vestal moths typically found in North Africa and Southern Europe.
Widespread spraying programs to suppress moth outbreaks blow their own ecological ill wind through the forest, killing much more than gypsy moths.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ C State woodland managers again are preparing to combat the potential damage from a statewide gypsy moth population poised for spring outbreaks across the state, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources officials said today.
Ms Wagland said: "I have been recording moths on Cors Dyfi reserve for five years now and set myself a 500-species target right at the beginning.
Moths provide an even more crucial role as pollinators and food for birds and other wildlife, so take the time to spare a thought for these moths who are unloved by so many people.
As he identified another moth In the darkness surrounding us just like a goth
Alongside traps luring moths with light, mothlovers are employing some more boozy attractions, including "wine roping" - hanging out ropes soaked in alcohol - and "sugaring" which involves painting tree trunks or posts with sugar, syrup and beer.
Forty species of migrant moths have been spotted in the UK for the first time in 15 years.
Choose a selection of plants that will attract moths caterpillars.
The engineered male moths are released to mate with the pest females, and because their female offspring do not survive to reproduce, the number of pest moths dwindles.
In lab tests exposing cabbage moths to the equivalent of LED street lighting, females produced on average only about one- to two-thirds the amounts of their usual seductive pheromone, says ecologist Roy van Grunsven of Wageningen University in the Netherlands.
Look for moths in the evening, especially around an outdoor light.
The hormones can disrupt a moth's breeding cycle by making female eggs unattractive to male moths, leaving them unfertilized, according to agricultural specialist, Zakaria Al-Matwakil.
They are being urged to report sightings of tiger moths, among the most colourful of the UK's 2,500 moth species, to help gather vital information about how they are faring.