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Instead, they say that a career should be a matter of free choice, that full-time mothering should be respected and supported through tax cuts, or maybe taxpayer subsidies.
During this section I have specifically referenced mothering in relation to parental nurturing because slave fathers are, even more often than slave mothers, generally absent figures during their children's upbringing.
She recalled that shortly after her first child was born, she had already begun to cede "the mothering and physical care" of the infant to her husband.
Patricia Hill Collins, for instance, seeking to illustrate the type of mothering that occurs in black communities in which a network: of women care for children who are not their own, has suggested the term othermothers to incorporate these non-related women into the discussion on black families (119).
Mothers generally came to see their children in psychological terms, and their mothering continued moving toward greater attention to love and affection and efforts to reduce frustration; still, mothers experienced a great deal of worry over "spoiling" their children in the face of advice from Spock and others.
See, for example, bell hooks's essay on the political significance of the African-American domestic homeplace, Barbara Christian's essay on the significance of literary expressions of mothering and sexuality for African-American feminism, and Joanne Braxton's discussion of the outraged mother figure in Afra-American writing in The Woman That I Am: The Literary Culture of Contemporary Women of Color, ed.