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drawn like a moth to a flame

Fig. attracted [to someone or some event] instinctively or very strongly, as a moth is drawn to the light of a flame. Customers were drawn to the sale like a moth to aflame. They came from all over and bought up everything in the store.
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like moths to a flame

if people gather round someone like moths to a flame, they try to be near someone who seems very attractive or very interesting
Usage notes: Moths are small flying insects that are attracted to bright light.
I never understood why people flocked around him like moths to a flame.
See also: flame, like, moth
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It is just one of a number of exotic moths which people may spot during "moth night" celebrations over the next few nights, which organisers Atropos and Butterfly Conservation hope will help build a better picture of moth migration in the UK.
Forty species of migrant moths have been spotted in the UK for the first time in 15 years.
You'll get plants to attract moths that are active at night, and the few which fly during the day, from a local nursery.
This moth is not sufficiently controlled by natural enemies or other integrated pest management practices, so growers throughout the world typically spray their crops many times with insecticides.
Artificial lighting can miscue female moths into sending out skimpy, and possibly stinky, scents instead of their usual potent come-hithers.
A luna moth lives just 7 to 10 days and doesn't eat or drink that whole time.
Last year, Hodeida received the same items to combat the spread of the moth, according to Al-Wadei.
The garden tiger moth, known for its "woolly bear" caterpillar, used to be widely found in UK gardens but has seen its population crash by 92% in the last 40 years.
That the Jersey Tiger is something of a show-off should come as little surprise for it is a member of arguably the most flamboyant moth family in the UK - the tiger moths.
He said Moth Week is a chance to discover things people often miss.
She and her Japanese colleagues from University of Tokyo studied the two species, Asian corn borer moth (Ostrinia furnacalis) and Japanese lichen moth (Eilema japonica).
A specific signature of pheromones draws a male moth to the scent of a female in its particular species and strain.
For the huge increase in budget shoppers buying second hand garments or vintage clothes has led to another, unwanted huge increase - in moth infestations.
The garden tiger moth population has declined by 92 per cent since 1968, according to a report recently published by Butterfly Conservation and Rothamstead Research.