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autem mort

1. obsolete A woman who is married. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "mort" is obsolete slang for a woman or girl. Your courtship is wasted, my friend, for she is an autem mort already.
2. obsolete A beggar woman who carries about several children and affects to have great devotion to the church or religion, generally as a means of arousing sympathetic charity from others. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "mort" is obsolete slang for a woman or girl. The autem morts with their wailing children cluster at the steps of the church for alms.
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bon mot

A clever or witty retort. Brett was teased quite often by his peers, but he always responded quickly with a bon mot, causing everyone to erupt into laughter.
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the mot juste

The precise word you want to use; the exactly right word. The phrase is French for "right word." When I'm writing, there's no better feeling than easily thinking of the mot juste.
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