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Referring to a physical location for something, typically a business (usually as opposed to an online destination). You can order these shoes online or pick them up in one of our convenient brick-and-mortar locations.

bricks and mortar

1. noun A phrase used to refer to buildings collectively and non-specifically. I think the hospital is too focused on funding bricks and mortar—the construction here has been going on for far too long.
2. adjective Fundamental and necessary. In this usage, the phrase is usually hyphenated. The candidate has yet to state the bricks-and-mortar components of his economic plan.
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bricks and mortar

buildings; the expenditure of money on buildings rather than something else. (The buildings referred to can be constructed out of anything.) The new president of the college preferred to invest in new faculty members rather than bricks and mortar. Sometimes people are happy to donate millions of dollars for bricks and mortar, but they never think of the additional cost of annual maintenance.
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[of commercial establishements] based in buildings rather than relying on online sales over the Internet. Many of the dot-com business owners have never been involved in a brick-and-mortar business.
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bricks and mortar

Basic and essential, as in Matthew Arnold's essay (1865): "Margate, that bricks-and-mortar image of British Protestantism." This phrase transfers essential building materials to other fundamental matters. It also may be used more literally to denote a building or buildings (whether or not made of bricks and mortar), as in The alumni prefer to see their donations in the form of bricks and mortar. [Mid-1800s]
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bricks and ˈmortar

a building, especially when you are thinking of it in connection with how much it cost to build or how much it is worth: A home isn’t just bricks and mortar.We now need funding to turn the plans into bricks and mortar.
The modern way of doing business through the Internet as well as from buildings and shops can be referred to as clicks and mortar, where ‘clicks’ refers to the use of the mouse and the Internet.
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Chinese development of 120mm self-propelled mortars began with the China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) PLL-05 based on the chassis of the NORINCO WMZ551 six-wheel drive APC, itself a further development of the NORINCO WZ551.
However, few are aware that the mortar can also be utilized in a direct fire roll.
A source at the Police Command said that a mortar shell fired by terrorists landed on a house in al-Tadamoun neighborhood.
BMI Products of Northern California provides an excellent production platform and has developed a comprehensive range of mortar products and systems for the construction industry.
The suggestion that rounds with the appropriate NATO stock number were supposed to be safe to fire by all mortars with the relevant NATO stock number carried no weight.
For example, if the white lines used for alignment on the M120A1 mortar are chipped or faded, you can touch them up following the instructions in WP 0035-4 of TM 9-1015-256-13&P (Aug 12).
While APMI will not replace standard 120mm mortars, its accuracy will allow a commander the ability to defeat a target with precision if there is danger of collateral damage, Burke explained.
With these enhancements, the IBCT mortar platoon now has shoot and scoot capabilities, allowing them to set up and ire accurately within 90 seconds of receipt of fire mission while on the move.
Dry mortars are a blend of inorganic binders, mineral aggregates and additives, which are homogeneously mixed in the factory in a high-efficiency mixer and transported to the job site in dry form in bags or silos.
A leading provider of integrated building products and construction materials in the UAE, Arkan said the project, called Arkan Dry Mortar, will have a production capacity of 1,000 tonnes per day.
In response, the Americans fired mortars, one of which hit a home in Chargoti village, killing a teenage couple and injuring a man, his wife and two of his children.
To determine whether sticky rice can aid in building repair, the scientists prepared lime mortars with varying amounts of sticky rice and tested their performance compared to traditional lime mortar.
Like artillery, machine guns and modern automatic grenade launchers; mortars are "area target" weapons.
The new Stryker variant replaces the MCV--A, which carried mortars that had to be unloaded and set up to fire.
Premier Mortars has production facilities at its head office site on Vauxhall Industrial Estate, Ruabon, Wrexham, and at Ellesmere Port and Ramsbottom, Lancashire.