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good day

A conventional, formal, and somewhat old-fashioned expression of greeting or farewell used during the daytime. Good day, sir! What news do you have for me from our partners out east? I will not tolerate this sort of rudeness! I bid you good day!
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good morning

A conventional expression of greeting or, less commonly, farewell used during the morning (i.e., before noon). Good morning, class. We'll begin by discussing the chapter I assigned you to read last night. He abruptly bid the gentleman good morning and walked briskly out of the room.
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a morning person

Someone who is more active and alert in the early hours of the morning than later in the day; an early riser. I tried dating a morning person once, but since I like to sleep in late, it didn't really work out. I suppose it's more out of necessity than anything, but I turned into a morning person as soon as I had kids.
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of a morning/afternoon/evening

1. Very often at this time of day; on most occasions at this time of day. My father has a ritual of an evening, enjoying the newspaper with a measure of whiskey after dinner in front of the fire.
2. At some point at this time of day. There's a soccer club playing at the park if you're ever stuck for something to do of a morning in the summertime.

top of the morning (to you)

A generic greeting used in the morning time. (A dated phrase that is nowadays considered to be stereotypical or stock Irish, rather than one that is used ingenuously.) Top of the morning, Bill! That was quite a party last night, wasn't it? A: "Well, top o' the morning to you, my friend!" B: "I wish you would stop saying that to me, just because my dad is Irish."
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the wee small hours (of the night/morning)

The very early hours after midnight. I was studying for the exam until the wee small hours of the morning, and now I can barely keep my eyes open! We all danced until the wee small hours of the night. I love the wee small hours, when few are awake and one can be alone with one's thoughts.
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Monday morning quarterback

A person who acts like they have all the answers to a problem, especially in hindsight, usually without having any experience in that area. Likened to fans and commentators who criticize a football team after a Sunday game. Primarily heard in US. Social media seems to have turned everyone into a Monday morning quarterback whenever political issues are discussed.

red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning

A red sky at sunrise is a sign that bad weather will follow. The full phrase is "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight; red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning." I think we're going to get a bad storm today. Look at that sunrise—red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.
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morning, noon, and night

All day; all the time. I've been working morning, noon, and night around here trying to get the house ready to go up for sale. You've been playing video games morning, noon, and night. I think you should take a break to do some homework.
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that Monday morning feeling

The listlessness and dissatisfaction felt upon returning to work on Monday after the weekend. Ugh, I'm getting that Monday morning feeling already and it's still Sunday night! I don't want the weekend to end.
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the small hours (of the night/morning)

The very early hours after midnight. I was studying for the exam until the small hours of the morning, and now I can barely keep my eyes open! We all danced until the small hours of the night.
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the wee hours (of the night/morning)

The very early hours after midnight. I was studying for the exam until the wee hours of the morning, and now I can barely keep my eyes open! We all danced until the wee hours of the night.
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the morning after (the night before)

A hangover. A: "Ugh, I feel so sick." B: "Sounds like the morning after the night before to me. Weren't you out at the bar last night?"
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(Good) morning.

the standard greeting phrase used any time between midnight and noon. Bob: Good morning. Bill: Good morning, Bob. You sure get up early!

gotta get up pretty early in the morning to (do something)

Rur. it would be difficult to do something (specified) because of the ability or quality involved. You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to cheat Bill Johnson. He's a sharp businessman for sure. You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to know your Bible better than Preacher Harris.
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morning after (the night before)

a hangover; the feelings associated with having drunk too much alcohol. Do worries about the morning after keep you from having a good time at parties? She's suffering from the morning after the night before.
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Morning dreams come true.

Prov. If you dream something in the morning, it will really happen. (According to a superstition.) As I was sleeping through the sound of my alarm clock this morning, I dreamed I was late to work. That morning dream definitely came true.
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good day

Also, good afternoon or evening or morning . Formal ways of saying "Hello" or "Goodbye." For example, He began rather oddly by addressing the audience with " Good day," or " Good afternoon, ladies," said the sales clerk as we walked out. All these greetings represent an abbreviation of the now obsolete God give you a good day (afternoon, etc.), which dates from about 1200. Also see good night.
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good morning

see under good day.
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Monday-morning quarterback

A person who criticizes or passes judgment from a position of hindsight, as in Ethel was a Monday-morning quarterback about all the personnel changes in her department-she always claimed to have known what was going to happen . This expression, first recorded in 1932, alludes to fans who verbally "replay" Sunday's football game the next day, the quarterback being the team member who calls the plays.
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morning after, the

The unpleasant results of an earlier activity, especially overindulgence in alcohol. For example, A headache is just one of the symptoms of the morning after. This expression originated in the late 1800s as a synonym for a hangover (and was often put as the morning after the night before). By the mid-1900s, however, it was also being used more loosely for the aftereffects of staying up late.
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morning, noon and night

If something happens or is done morning, noon and night, it happens or is done all the time. You get fit by playing the game, day in, day out, morning, noon and night. He thought about Paloma morning, noon and night.
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a Monday morning quarterback

A Monday morning quarterback, is someone who criticizes others after something has happened by saying that they should have dealt with it differently, although the people involved could not have known what would happen. It is very easy to play Monday morning quarterback, and I do not envy the choices put before a great many of the world's leaders. Note: You can also accuse someone of Monday morning quarterbacking. The Attorney rejects such Monday-morning quarterbacking, insisting that his lawyers did, quote, `an excellent job'. Note: In American football, the quarterback is usually the player who calls out signals which tell the team which moves to make. In the United States, most professional football games are played on Sunday. A `Monday morning quarterback' is someone, usually a man, who tells people what the coach should have done to win the game.

the morning after (the night before)

n. a hangover. Do worries about the morning after keep you from having a good time at parties?
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the morning after

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morning glory

and morning missile
n. a morning erection. Always happy to see the morning glory. Bobby has a morning missile instead of an alarm clock.
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morning missile

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References in classic literature ?
Impatient in this situation to be doing something that might lead to her sister's relief, Elinor resolved to write the next morning to her mother, and hoped by awakening her fears for the health of Marianne, to procure those inquiries which had been so long delayed; and she was still more eagerly bent on this measure by perceiving after breakfast on the morrow, that Marianne was again writing to Willoughby, for she could not suppose it to be to any other person.
They ate their breakfast with the morning air pouring in upon them.
Vanstone was now easily recognizable, returning to the house from his morning walk.
Father and son, extremely like each other, looking silently on at the morning traffic in Fleet-street, with their two heads as near to one another as the two eyes of each were, bore a considerable resemblance to a pair of monkeys.
So the old woman had to strike again three times upon the ground with the rod, and the next morning the garden was there.
Kimballton was nearly sixty miles distant in a straight line; the murder had been perpetrated only at eight o'clock the preceding night; yet Dominicus had heard of it at seven in the morning, when, in all probability, poor Mr.
Fortunately, as Adrienne then thought, Desiree appeared in the course of the morning, as one who came in consequence of having been present at so much of the scene of the preceding day.
Part of the next morning was consumed in inquiries at every house in the town from which a coach started--(all in vain, for you know Hetty did not start from Stonition by coach, but on foot in the grey morning)--and then in walking out to the first toll-gates on the different lines of road, in the forlorn hope of finding some recollection of her there.
The next morning the court sat to judge him; and when all was heard, it sentenced him to die, unless he should bring the king the golden horse which could run as swiftly as the wind; and if he did this, he was to have the golden bird given him for his own.
In spite of the unpleasant initiation of the day before, Tess inclined to the freedom and novelty of her new position in the morning when the sun shone, now that she was once installed there; and she was curious to test her powers in the unexpected direction asked of her, so as to ascertain her chance of retaining her post.
It was certainly a very dark and foggy morning, but still it seemed an unusual course to stop all business on that account.
In another minute or two, the distant bathing machines would begin to move, and then the elderly gentlemen of regular habits and sober quaker ladies would be coming to take their salutary morning walks.
The Prince dressed quickly and was first in the pleasant morning room, with its open windows leading on to the terrace.
Granet sauntered in to breakfast a few minutes late on the following morning.
Little did poor Doctor Walker imagine as he sat at his breakfast-table next morning that the two sweet girls who sat on either side of him were deep in a conspiracy, and that he, munching innocently at his muffins, was the victim against whom their wiles were planned.