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When we began testing we were surprised at how the Maximizer mop made mopping easier by causing less physical strain.
Selecting appropriate MOPs and MOEs-and relating them to task and purpose-can ensure that actions are focused on the desired end state.
The mops turn out to be a great way for RV owners to keep their rigs clean because the extendable handle keeps them from having to climb ladders to do the job.
For the Swep project, special strain gages were installed on the telescopic handle of a mop and connected by cables to an HBM Spider 8 DAQ system.
To be in with a chance of winning, simply send your name, age, address and daytime contact number to Mops Offer, c/o Jennifer Bradbury, Evening Chronicle, Groat Market, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1ED.
Their new line of 12-gauge, double ended brushes and mops sport a standard male 5/16- 27 thread fitting on one end and a female 5/16-27 thread fitting on the other.
Ideal for hospitals, labs, and cafeterias, the Spill-Mop eliminates smelly mops and buckets that are typically used over and over again.
The mop, which can absorb three litres of fluid and dry a surface in seconds, has a multitude of applications ranging from supermarkets, fast food chains, food factories, canteens, hospitals, laboratories, factories, schools and leisure centres.
Multi[TM] SI-70 Steam Mop and Handheld: Steam mop that includes multi-use removable, handheld steamer with electronic pump for continuous steam.
Keep common surfaces around you clean using such aids as microfiber cloths and mops
These mops are always in stock for quick delivery with personal delivery by the user's current service representative with reusable garment and disposable supplies.
Heavy duty sanitary frame: extremely durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant, non-scratching, sanitizes easily and accommodates all sizes of wet mops with either a 1" or 5" head band
PATIENTS spent two days in "grotty" wards - after a hospital ran out of mops.
Specialty stores and mass merchants alike are showing more specialty cleaners, chemicals, disposable cleaning systems, and a growing assortment of mops, brooms and smallwares.