wipe the floor with

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wipe the floor with somebody

  (British, American & Australian) also mop the floor with somebody (American)
to defeat someone easily Alex is always really good in a debate, she'll wipe the floor with them.
See also: floor, wipe
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Designed to systematically and efficiently mop the floor with either dry or wet pads, they Braava models use NorthStar[R] Navigation Cubes.
When you think all the adhesive has been removed, mop the floor with hot water; the concrete should he perfectly clean before painting.
One hefty Viking told him he was going to mop the floor with his face and he said: "You'll be sorry.
And though they're probably equal parts pretentious and farty, they're also awesome, and will mop the floor with any other band who tries to do the mid-'80s-arty-pop-meets-mid-'90s-indie thing.