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moot point

A debatable question, an issue open to argument; also, an irrelevant question, a matter of no importance. For example, Whether Shakespeare actually wrote the poem remains a moot point among critics, or It's a moot point whether the chicken or the egg came first. This term originated in British law where it described a point for discussion in a moot, or assembly, of law students. By the early 1700s it was being used more loosely in the present sense.
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be a moot ˈpoint/ˈquestion

be a subject that people disagree on or are uncertain about: It’s a moot point whether women or men make better drivers.A moot was a group of people who met to discuss questions of local or national law during the Anglo-Saxon period. A moot point was a question of law discussed at this meeting.
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The moot is a great opportunity for law students to discover their potential for legal practice, and USEFP is pleased to be able to support it.
The Sutherland Cup is the oldest continuous private moot court competition in the nation.
Claire Malcolm, chief executive of New Writing North and director of Durham Book Festival, said: "When Durham Miners' Association came to us with the idea for Durham Moot, we thought this was an excellent opportunity for Durham Book Festival to be involved in facilitating some thoughtful and lively discussions about our society.
At the end of the moot, the judges give their judgement on the law and they also decide who is the winning team, in terms of mooting skills.
The NIHCR Director hoped that the moot will help explore new avenues in research in history by providing a platform to historians to share their knowledge for the greater benefit of the history teachers, scholars, researchers and students alike.
This allows me to provide my clients with objective guidance about the best course of action to fit their particular set of circumstances and goals,” says Moot.
bin Hazeem said the Maktoum bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Moot Court Competition is a scientific contest, which consists of two rounds.
The Vis Moot is one of the centerpieces of the international arbitration community.
The moot court competition is about international media law that talks about freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of privacy that is contained in international and regional treaties.
The annual Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, held in Vienna, Austria, is the pre-eminent moot on commercial law and arbitration.
The Rainbow Moot was launched in February, 2004, and Rob became leader four months later.
Floormasters tendered payment in full to Dionne, not including attorney's fees and costs, and moved to dismiss the claim as moot, which the court granted.
Amman, May 7 (Petra) -- The final round of Jordan's fifth national moot court competition for law students was held on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at the Palace of Justice in Amman Jordan.
Make your argument; succeeding in moot court and mock trial.
The Manfred Lachs Moot, which takes place at the University of Athens, has been organised by the International Institute of Space Law.