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moonlight flit

A hasty nighttime departure, typically done to avoid paying money that one owes. Primarily heard in UK. I can't afford the rent this month, so we need to make a moonlight flit!
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be (not) all moonlight and roses

To be very enjoyable and pleasant, especially of a romantic situation. This phrase is often used in the negative to emphasize difficulties in a romantic relationship. I thought that dating an actress would be all moonlight and roses, but she travels so much that I hardly ever see her. Living with a boyfriend or girlfriend is not all moonlight and roses, you know.
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do a moonlight flit

  (British informal)
to leave somewhere secretly at night, usually to avoid paying money that you owe We could always do a moonlight flit - that way we wouldn't have to explain about the money.
See also: flit, moonlight

not be all moonlight and roses

if a situation is not all moonlight and roses, it is not always pleasant Marriage isn't all moonlight and roses. It can be hard work keeping a relationship together.
See also: all, and, moonlight, rose


1. n. illicit liquor; moonshine. Where’s that bottle of moonlight you used to keep under the counter?
2. in. to traffic in illicit liquor. (Best done under the cover of darkness.) He moonlighted during prohibition.
3. in. to work at a second job. Larry had to moonlight to earn enough to feed his family.

moonlight requisition

n. a nighttime theft. (see also liberate.) It took a moonlight requisition to get the medicine we needed.
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The data shows that moonlighters are endowed with higher number of years of schooling.
An old reason is that moonlighters can be viewed as "socially withdrawn and economically deprived" (Baba & Jamal, 1992), giving little incentive to study the phenomenon.
In this way, the moonlighter is directly responsible and accountable for interpreting and adhering to the established policy.
I'm really excited about the new Moonlighter plan, because it suits our needs, while at same time providing us with more access at an attractive price point.
In recent times, the legacy of The Moonlighters has been handed to The Shysters - Craig Whyte in particular, a man who probably thinks the Copland Road Underground headlined at T in the Park.
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7) However, due to the UI payroll tax's low taxable wage base, moonlighters working few hours in the second job are still subject to the full UI tax despite likely lacking eligibility for benefits in the event of a layoff.
Dubai: AaArabian Gulf Sevens skipper Steve Cooper believes his team of moonlighters has earned the respect of their peers within the rugby world.
Sonny and the Moonlighters will take the stage in broad daylight Saturday as part of the University of Oregon football pregame activities at the Moshofsky Center, adjacent to Autzen Stadium, 2700 Martin Luther King Jr.
for a Tramp and Epitaph for a Dead Beat, originally published almost fifty years ago, reminds us that David Markson (as David Markson) has done some slumming too, and that, like his fellow moonlighters, Markson was not, when writing pulp, attempting to produce literature.
It includes The Jiving Lindy Hoppers and The Moonlighters Serenaders.
The expansion of the underground economy also reduces labour market flexibility, because moonlighters and their employers hesitate to return to the official economy as illegal work could then easily be traced back to them by the authorities.
Users send overwhelming numbers of personal emails from work, but job hunters and moonlighters beware--court cases surrounding personal emails sent from work have favored the corporations, essentially ruling that when an employee uses the company email system to send an email it is no longer personal and First Amendment rights do not apply.
The moonlighters typically earn about half the wages paid to legal employees, but that is still four or five times more than they would get at home.
The 16 Birr cabbies have sought the support of their council in a bid to drive out the moonlighters.