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monopoly money

money that seems to have little or no value
Usage notes: Monopoly is the trademark for a game in which you buy property with pretend money
Win or lose this contract, it's all monopoly money to him.
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not have a monopoly on something

if someone does not have a monopoly on something, they are not the only person who has that thing You don't have a monopoly on suffering, you know. Other people have problems too.
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Households supply differentiated labor services to the firms in a monopolistically competitive labor market.
We found that Turkish banks, which operate in more monopolistic environments, are also less efficient; however the banks were able to achieve high records of profitability in monopolistically competitive markets.
In doing so, the business is in effect removing itself from a purely competitive environment to a monopolistically competitive environment.
Nowadays, inflation is often modelled using the New Keynesian Phillips curve, which is explicitly based on microfoundations, monopolistically competitive firms and sticky prices.
The intermediate sector is composed of monopolistically competitive firms that produce intermediate products from rented capital input using the designs licensed from the household sector.
The production side consists of two sectors: the monopolistically competitive intermediate-goods sector and the perfectly competitive final-goods sector.
These characteristics lead inevitably to the downward-sloping average cost curves and other features characteristic of monopolistically competitive markets.
For example, Helpman and Krugman (1985), in an alternative to the Chamberlinian framework, modeled IIT by monopolistically, competitive producers of single varieties who are constrained to average cost pricing by freedom of entry.
The conclusion of SBP's competition analysis is that the structure of the banking sector can be described as monopolistically competitive.
Referring to the production of Peugeot 206 SD by Iran Khodro, he said that the sedan is produced monopolistically in Iran and it has entered the global automaking basket.
Monopolistically competitive firms produce differentiated consumption goods, exercise market power, and maximize profits by pricing their differentiated products at a markup over marginal production costs.
For them, there is always an unending line of frightened and suffering people waiting patiently for their inconveniently scheduled, monopolistically priced, and outmoded services.
4) Agglomeration of activities in that sector is usually the result of positive externalities of proximity described by the economic geography models: in a monopolistically competitive manufacturing sector, increasing returns and market size effects lead firms to agglomerate.
A model of monopolistically competitive price dispersion', Review of Economic Studies, 44, pp.