monkey with

monkey (around) with something

to adjust something It seems like any time they monkey with taxes, wealthy people benefit the most.
Usage notes: usually said about an effort to fix or improve something, especially an effort that does not succeed
See also: monkey
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He also speculates that the monkey with the mole may have been a passenger on a previous, less successful mission.
He claimed the light gray monkey with the mole died during a failed space mission in 2011.
Next, embalmers covered the monkey with natron (NAY-trahn).
What do you get when you cross a monkey with a jellyfish?
By the end of movie, the world has turned upside down: Donald Sutherland wants to nuke some very expensive real estate into the Stone Age; the Army is stalking the monkey with helicopters and stun guns; and Hoffman, after decades of playing nebbishes, is incredibly transformed into an action hero.
At the end of 10 predictions, there is one monkey with a perfect record of 10 straight calls, 10 with nine out of 10 correct, and 44 with eight of 10 correct.
Like the three previously known species of lion tamarin, the black-faced lion tamarin, or Leontopithecus caissara, is a squirrel-like monkey with a small face framed by a luxuriant mane.