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stay-at-home mom

A mother who forgoes employment outside of the home in order to care for her children and the household. Being a stay-at-home mom is just as much hard work as going to an office every day.
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slang An especially responsible and nurturing female friend. A: "I gave the landlord that form you were supposed to hand in last week." B: "Aw, thanks mom! You're the best roommate ever."

your mom

slang A juvenile retort meant to insult one's mother. The term is often used with provocative wordplay to suggest that one has engaged in sexual acts with the listener's mother. A: "What did you guys do last night?" "B: "Your mom!" A: "You really need to get to band practice on time." B: "Your mom really needs to get to band practice on time!"
See also: mom
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The segment even included a similar group of New York moms.
Depending on the circumstances, models showed, moms could make natural selection work extrafast, reverse direction, or flip a trait to one extreme in one generation and the opposite in the next.
As a result, MOM organizers took on an environmental justice campaign by going after local polluters, removing truck routes from residential areas and opening up green spaces in the neighborhoods.
In the version I saw, the doctor says the baby has just barely survived--presumably to be adopted by a childless couple--but I've also seen accounts by Mom and Dad viewers who claim the baby is stillborn.
Most fierce moms say they are first and foremost protecting their young.
I want to ask why Mom sides with Patty and Sister JoBeth and everyone who keeps changing things.
Perhaps some think that pushing to let welfare moms spend more time at home with the kids implies standing against women entering the workplace.
On the other hand, the consumer segment increased by 2% MoM (+0.
8220;When I moved to the burbs and had my son, I immediately felt the need to get out there and meet new people,” explained Colleen McDonald, a new working mom in Acton, MA.
In the under-8s cup semi-finals, Frameline (Joe Johanson, mom Jamie Cook) edged Kingfield Park 1-0, and Mollies Munch got past Marine (mom Ben Clarke) 2-0.
We usually have a hot mom when our kids are in the sandbox,'' said Tina Perez, founder and vice president of the Blue Star Mothers of America's Santa Clarita chapter.
I'm sitting at the kitchen table, watching my mom wrap a Merle Haggard CD for her man-of-the-minute Arnold, whose birthday is this week.
For nearly grown spiderlings, lingering in their mother's web instead of setting off on their own turns out to be a boon for the mom, as well as themselves.
Ellie wanted to drape tree lights around my shoulders for our grand finale, but Mom drew the line at electricity.
The national survey was commissioned by Ivory, Procter & Gamble's most iconic consumer brand, in an effort to better understand the everyday attitudes and insights surrounding today's mom.