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Good golly. Miss Molly!

Inf. Good grief!; Wow! Good golly, Miss Molly! This place is a mess! Good golly, Miss Molly, that's awful!
See also: good, miss

Good golly, Miss Molly!

exclam. Good grief!; Wow! Good golly, Miss Molly! This place is a mess!
See also: good, miss

Molly whop someone

tv. to beat someone up; to slap someone hard. Quiet or I’ll Molly whop you.
See also: molly
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And last night Molly couldn't hide her delight at meeting the boys who looked equally thrilled to see her.
Speaking to the Daily Post, the grandmother-of-nine said: "On August 27, it will be exactly 70 years since I stood as a 12-year-old at my friend Molly Armstrong's grave witnessing her burial.
Once she made it into the world, weighing just over 6lbs, little Molly underwent an operation to fix the hole.
Molly was taken to Greys Mallory police station in Warwick, where it was discovered that she was microchipped and her details were still in date.
And 14 days after she disappeared Molly was found outside his home in Bo'ness, West Lothian - complete with a rather dodgy haircut.
Molly's friends, Gus and Sid, are in Paris, so it is decided that Molly and the baby should go there.
A large crowd assembled near the Mississippi River in Hannibal on Wednesday -- despite the below-zero wind chill -- to watch the show and support 11-year-old Molly McKinley, The Hannibal Courier-Post reported.
Ower Ceri Thomas, 45, couldn't find kitten Molly after the workmen left - even though she heard her crying all night.
Molly (nee Clark) told Remember When back in 2003 of her time at the company, where she worked in two spells - from 1949-1954 and then returning some years later until 1976.
The team at Celsian said: "We were inundated with entries, one of which came from Molly Cliff who submitted her piece 'It's Hard Sometimes' about her role as a young carer.
But without a buggy that could carry her emergency equipment, Molly was unable to join her friends.
Molly, who has returned to the UK and is living with her mother, says it is with a "mixture of emotions" that they prepare to watch their family's story being acted out on stage.
for Santa's Old Time Christmas Party & Holiday Tree-Lighting at Molly Butler Lodge
Molly Foundation, the company's charitable arm, Molly Maid will send a teddy bear to a child victim of domestic violence, helping to make life a little more bearable.
CHILD sensations Vitaly Dergachev and Molly Taylor are hoping to salsa their way to success - with a little help from Prodijig.