mold out of

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mold something out of something

 and mold something from something
to form something, using a pliable substance, such as clay, plastic, wet concrete, etc. She molded a small turtle out of the moist clay. Elaine molded a turtle from the clay.
See also: mold, of, out
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Milacron will present its "Cube" technology for the first time, using a K-Tec press and four-sided rotary center-stack mold from Foboha.
Allow at least two minutes for the pressure to uniformly drop to zero to prevent water condensed in the mold from expanding violently if the pressure is reduced too fast.
Removing the mold from production for this plunger/pot repair will most likely create a delinquent delivery time, leaving your customer with an unfavorable image of your delivery proficiency.
In order to meet the space constraints and also to elevate the mold from the molding station to the finish line, two chain transfer conveyors were incorporated.
A Battenfeld robot placed the fabric in a shear-edged mold from Summerer Technologies of Rimsting Germany.
The greater the height of the metal in the mold from the top of the pouring cup to the bottom of the casting, the greater the pressure exerted on the liquid.
Safety circuit prevents the mold from closing if sweep arm is not in full-up position.
The gases will be present in the mold from the last resin added to the sand, in the refractory, from a build-up on recycled sand or from the melt's additives or metallurgical processing.
While the GE/H-P benchmark study defined lead time in terms of manufacturing time, don't forget that getting the mold from there to here can add time, too.
Force is applied to the mold by the squeeze head, compressing the mold from the back face to the pattern.
Netstal introduced a twin-cavity molding system in 1992 utilizing a standard "Disc 60" molding machine and a mold from GPT Axxicon of the Netherlands.
By filling the mold from the bottom and rotating it for cooling, this process produces high-volume castings with high dimensional accuracy and optimized solidification.
Casting process involves making a ceramic mold from an original model.
The new mold-handling system was set up to receive molds from both the Roberts Sinto and the Hunter, with a mold from each machine on each car.
Company's casting process involves making a ceramic mold from an original model.