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Earlier research also suggested the factors that would need to be optimized in the use of the coating--slurry dilution, mold temperature on application and final thickness of the coating.
The mold halves were sprayed at temperatures of about 300F (150C), 390F (200C), 480F (250C) and 570F (300C).
Innovex is developing a fully automated system that includes automatic mold charging with preheated material.
It's been three years since most insurers cut the cord on traditional mold coverage, yet the real estate industry cannot seem to find a consensus on dealing with mold risk mitigation.
One of the key difficulties in such studies is that there's no method to measure mycotoxins--secondary metabolites produced by certain mold species under certain conditions--in home environments.
There's no basis at all for claiming that inhalation of mold or mycotoxins or any other mold metabolites causes brain damage in an indoor residential or office environment as people have been claiming.
In 2001, California passed laws requiring disclosure of mold problems during real estate deals.
The extent to which mold toxins are responsible for these more serious ill effects has stirred debate, as has the question of how much mold exposure is too much.
While areas with warm, humid climates have higher occurrences of mold, mold knows no geographic boundaries.
Mold surface treatment helps with abrasive wear from the processing of the materials, provides corrosion resistance from chemical attacks by the various chemical ingredients and by-products from the curing process and provides a smooth, pore-free surface for part quality and reduced mold fouling.
Given the lack of a clear standard for assessing mold-related claims, defeating a mold liability suit is not a sure thing.
Attendees also were advised to check whether mold claims stem from covered losses and commenced during the policy period.
Drawing upon its decades of loss prevention experience, Hartford Steam Boiler has modeled the Mold Protection Program after its successful approach to equipment breakdown insurance coverage.
Fully integrated mold maker servicing product design and development, prototyping, mold design and building.