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go moggy

1. To become insane, mentally imbalanced, or crazed. Primarily heard in South Africa. I'm going moggy living in this shack all by myself!
2. To become extremely excited or enthusiastic (about something). Primarily heard in South Africa. I've never understood that pop star's popularity, but kids just go moggy over her music.
3. To act or do something wildly, excessively, and/or without restraint. Primarily heard in South Africa. We all went a bit moggy after our exams, hitting the bars every night for a week straight.
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gone moggy

Having become completely broken, disorganized, or dysfunctional. Primarily heard in South Africa. I think something's gone moggy with my computer—the screen keeps flashing on and off. The real estate market has gone completely moggy in recent years.
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Thomas is a best friend to 14-year-old son Nathan, who is disabled, and the family had accepted the moggy would never return to their North Shields home.
But if your moggy can do better than that Go-Cat, one of the UK's most popular cat foods, wants to hear from you.
The moggy was also well-fed, suggesting he may have been taken in by another caring family during his extended vacation.
Lori Moggy, market specialist for the Bank of Montreal, says that although interest rates definitely motivate buyers, a quarter of a percentage point is not enough to stop people from purchasing a house.
NASDAQ announces the appointment of Sarah Tyson as vice president and general merchandise manager of its large size division, Dress Barn Woman, replacing Moggy Mann, who has been promoted to merchandise manager of the Dress Barn Division.
PIPPA the miracle moggy survived 49 days trapped in a shipping container with no food or water in Australia.
Now they live happily together but Sam is a bit slow and fat, he's no longer a tough young moggy but a grey haired old pussycat
Locals in St Andrews have raised PS5000 for a sculpture of Hamish McHamish, the moggy who has become their most famous resident.
THIS hungry moggy bit off more than it could chew when its head got stuck in a cat food tin.
London, December 3 ( ANI ): Researchers have ranked cat breeds from the most affectionate to the least, with the hairless sphynx coming out on top and the common moggy being named the most unfriendly.
When Lindsay Davies suddenly went into labour alone, she was terrified - until her pet moggy Marmite stepped in as an emergency midwife.
Animals for Homes: Mr Moggy (33) is a tabby and white neutered tom.
WEIGHING in at a whopping 22lbs, massive moggy Socrates takes the term "fat cat" to a whole new level.
MEET Mork - the moggy who lost one of her nine lives when she slipped half-way through a manhole cover.