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false modesty

A vain or hypocritical pretense of holding a low or humble opinion of oneself, one's abilities, or one's circumstance so as to encourage others to say the opposite. There's no need for that false modesty here; you are fully aware of your success and achievement, and you don't need me to reaffirm it for you. I find her false modesty quite unbecoming.
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in all modesty

Without trying to boast, brag, or seem overly important. You asked me about my career, so I'm trying to speak in all modesty about the successes I've found.
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These attitudes of modesty were well expressed when a young South Pacific veteran was asked how he became a war hero.
Newfound modesty has penetrated other parts of the programme as well, and the architects are finding it hard to finish and furnish the building as they had hoped.
Modesty protects the intimate centre of the person.
SEE PHEW J Showing off her figure THIGH JFASHION Helena hitches up dress SWANDERFUL 3 Bird preserves Helena's modesty
WeaponScan 80(TM) scans the body externally and internally, is non-intrusive and does not compromise an individual's modesty.
The chair has come to occupy a remarkable position in late twentieth century design culture, with over four million sold, and also achieved a certain ironic notoriety when a clutch of '60s celebrities such as famine fatale Christine Keeler and playwright Joe Orton were photographed sitting astride it naked, wit only the hourglass form of the chair itself for modesty.
I have a right to privacy and modesty which the school district must respect," said Cruzan.
But his description of Wootton's Elements of Architecture--'written in a characteristically English style, combining modesty, humour and common sense [with] a considerable knowledge of the literature of the subject, which he discusses with critical sympathy' -- applies equally to this history, and makes extended reading of it a pleasure.
WITH meringues to protect their modesty and hair like candyfloss these models look almost good enough to rot your teeth.
Instead, the hallmark of Nozkowski's work may be its consistent modesty, most obviously in terms of scale (the paintings range from sixteen by twenty inches to thirty by forty), but more generally in the sense of unpretentiousness.
Give your wardrobe a new lease of life with these pretty modesty panels.
With this work, lulled by the soft, involving, insinuating rhythm of Lindsay's music, the artist presented himself to his public--free of showy exhibitionism but with less modesty and secrecy than in most of his work.
Wearing only a huge pair of platorm shoes the star uses a skateboard to cover her modesty.
Dieter Roth often fled out of shame, out of all "aggressive modesty," as he himself called it.
All she had to preserve her modesty was a pink thong.