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late model

Especially regarding an automobile, of a relatively recent design or model. After I got my promotion, I decided to trade in my clunky old Volkswagen for a snazzy, late model sedan.
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be (a/the) model of

To be an ideal example or version of something. Julie is the model of academic excellence, so she will definitely be this year's valedictorian. He's a model of agility. You won't find a more athletic guy.
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model someone on someone

 and model something on something
to use something as a pattern for something; to use someone as a pattern for someone. I will model my house on the house we saw in the Mediterranean. She tried to model herself on her mother.
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model something in something

to make a model of something in a particular substance. She modeled the figure in clay. I modeled a bear in modeling clay.
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model on

To form, develop, or found something on the basis of something else: The architect modeled the plans for the new school on a beautiful old building.
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References in classic literature ?
He looked at his canvas; he was working in colour, and had sketched in the day before the model who was posing.
The only way to learn to paint," he went on, imperturbable, "is to take a studio, hire a model, and just fight it out for yourself.
The clock struck twelve, and the model with a cry of relief stepped down from the stand.
There were scarcely thirty people on the look-out for him, in spite of all his clamour, when about six o'clock one summer morning the doors of the big shed in which he had been putting together his apparatus opened--it was near the big model of a megatherium in the Crystal Palace grounds--and his giant insect came droning out into a negligent and incredulous world.
P'raps old Grubb'll mind the shop a bit now," he said, "and put his blessed model in the fire.
Applications: Certain models specialized for 10-20 L PC bottles, wide-mouth jars, small pharmaceutical and cosmetics bottles, and petaloid PET bottles.
The practice of systems engineering within DoD became increasingly fragmented by proliferating standards, models, and process improvement frameworks.
123(R) and found a lattice model to be substantially more flexible than a Black-Scholes model, especially with respect to restricted employee stock option nuances such as vesting, early exercise and blackout periods.
Most class time is spent with students working collaboratively to develop mathematical models and applying them to problems posed.
However, beginning in the 1970s, NIEHS and NTP research agendas in genetic toxicology, molecular carcinogenesis, and mechanisms of toxicity contributed to the demand for mouse models modified at the locus of the gene.
In the United States, mathematical models are familiar, everyday tools in engineering, business, and military applications and in most sciences.
Among the specific topics addressed at the conference were the influence of uncertainty on policymaking; the design of formal rules to guide policy actions; the role of money in the transmission of monetary policy; the determination of asset prices; and econometric techniques for estimating dynamic models of the economy.
This article details some guidelines of die configuration and how an automated program was developed to implement them and produce more accurate models.
A statistical analysis of the data from a key comparison and interpretation of its outputs requires assumptions and models about the relationship between the data [[x.
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