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late model

Especially regarding an automobile, of a relatively recent design or model. After I got my promotion, I decided to trade in my clunky old Volkswagen for a snazzy, late model sedan.
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be (a/the) model of

To be an ideal example or version of something. Julie is the model of academic excellence, so she will definitely be this year's valedictorian. He's a model of agility. You won't find a more athletic guy.
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model someone on someone

 and model something on something
to use something as a pattern for something; to use someone as a pattern for someone. I will model my house on the house we saw in the Mediterranean. She tried to model herself on her mother.
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model something in something

to make a model of something in a particular substance. She modeled the figure in clay. I modeled a bear in modeling clay.
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model on

To form, develop, or found something on the basis of something else: The architect modeled the plans for the new school on a beautiful old building.
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With AIR Worldwide Corp's recently enhanced storm-surge subcomponent to its model, damage from winds and storm surge are estimated for every hurricane it simulates, said Dr.
Applications: Certain models specialized for narrow-neck bottles, wide-mouth jars, PP bottles, or high output capacity.
The legacy model is elegant in its simplicity--simplicity that makes it easy to remember while conveying some of the complexities of the systems engineering problem-solving methodology--such as its iterative and recursive nature.
But even if employers know which valuation model works better for them, they still may have doubts about how to build it.
Most class time is spent with students working collaboratively to develop mathematical models and applying them to problems posed.
Arsenic is unquestionably a human carcinogen and there was no animal model.
Another way of looking at this same set of issues is the observation that many people, modelers and nonmodelers alike, seem to believe that one "right" model exists.
The paper shows that, even under this cautious approach to taking account of model uncertainty, a surprising and useful version of the certainty-equivalence principle prevails.
The dexel model (line segment representation) enables efficient geometric reasoning and can quickly provide complete con figuration results, including not only a component model but also models of the cover die, ejector die, undercut, slide and die bases.
Then we discuss two classical statistics models, a nonexistent laboratory-effects model and a random laboratory-effects model, based on Assumption I.
The BSM model values call options on publicly-traded common stocks, assuming that the options, like the stocks, trade in a liquid market," explains Finnerty.
The challenge for ASCA is to spread the model to the many states, school districts, individual schools, and practicing school counselors across the country that are currently functioning with diverse, and sometimes antiquated, school counseling programs.
According to the standard model, known as the core-accretion model, making Jupiter required the initial formation of a solid core 5 to 10 times Earth's mass.
The Krups model has an unusual design that combines features of the other units: The bowl spins around and the beaters also move from the sides to the center of the bowl.
At the same time artists were experimenting with the built model as a medium: Harald Klingelholler constructed his sculptures out of cardboard, a much-used material for models; Reinhard Mucha built architectural and exhibition models from pieces of furniture; Thomas Schutte peopled his models with little figures and began making his brico-lage constructions.