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mocking is catching

If one engages in mockery, it encourages others to do the same. A: "As soon as he started making fun of me, the other kids joined in too!" B: "Oh dear, mocking is catching, isn't it?"
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make (a) mock of (someone or something)

To subject someone or something to mockery or ridicule; to make fun of someone or something. The film openly makes mock of the sacrifices and hardships our soldiers had to endure during that unfortunate war. His crass, spiteful speech made a mock of our democracy.
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mock (something) up

To create a draft, model, or simulated version of something to demonstrate how it looks or works. We mocked up a prototype of the new irrigation system to demonstrate its benefits to the city council. I sketch out the designs of our latest cars, and the engineering department mocks them up.
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mock something up

to make a model or simulation of something. The engineers mocked the new car design up for the managers to see. They mocked up the new car design.
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mock up

To make a model of something, especially as part of a presentation: We mocked up our ideas for the stage scenery to see if it would be hard to build. Take these building plans and mock them up for the presentation.
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days and counting" site mockingly tallies the days until the divided northern European country beats "The Champion" Iraq which stunned the world by taking 289 days to form a government in 2010.
Guards would mockingly say to Rachel: "Where's Paul?
As if Hariri is isolated in an island where nobody can see him and no visitors are visiting him day in and day out," the writer said mockingly.
A club insider said: "The plan is to make this the biggest club in the world, so we can't play in a stadium that Manchester United fans mockingly call the Council House.
I've never been a New Romantic, nor worn mascara" - Culture Secretary Andy Burnham, who has been described mockingly as the Minister for Make-Up.
And when you eventually meet the girl you intend to marry," I mockingly enquired, "will you propose to her by txt?
Then, in a spontaneous show of bravado, he pulled out a disposable cigarette lighter from his pocket and lunged mockingly at his pal's neck, shouting: "I'm gonna stab ya, I'm gonna stab ya.
So, mockingly, wrote the wisest man I ever knew, Malcolm Muggeridge.
Fellow judge Stewart Copeland, ex-drummer from The Police, now mockingly bows and forelock tugs towards her.
The article goes on to mockingly recount that Helms "rejected the notion that racist tendencies drove him to oppose the creation of a national Martin Luther King Jr.
The set centred around a 50s underground jazz cafe, with Donovan mockingly whispering catchlines such as `cool cats' against hanging portraits of famous beat writers.
Liars' does depend on facts but the fictional portions of the narration are so mockingly vicious you will either hate Franken or love him.
This is Brown's latest twist on the near-photographic style of rendition he applied, mockingly, to Auerbach's mud-pie impasto portraits in the early '90s.
Here, the accordion music was nearer, and the teenagers paused before each toss, singing snippets of the featured song--loudly and mockingly, but really because it was fun for them and they were showing off for us.
Thirty-five years ago, he mockingly suggested to Columbia High School's student council that the campus should start a varsity Frisbee team.