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put the mockers on (something)

To disrupt, foil, or cause problems to someone's plan, activity, or project. Primarily heard in UK. The caterer cancelled on me at the last minute, which really puts the mockers on this party! It will really put the knockers on our project if the board decides not to increase our funding. You would think the rise of cheap electric cars would put the knockers on Big Oil's profits, but they actually seem to be embracing the change.
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put the mockers on something

If someone or something puts the mockers on something, they prevent it from happening or from being successful. The sending-off of Simon Walker after only 10 minutes certainly put the mockers on any thought of an English victory. Note: The origin of this expression is uncertain, but some people think that `mockers' may come from Yiddish.
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put the mockers on

1 put an end to; thwart. 2 bring bad luck to.
This expression originated as early 20th-century British slang. An Australian variant is put the mocks on.
1 1966 Lionel Davidson A Long Way to Shiloh Shimshon and the judo both seemed to have put the mockers on this particular idyll. We left soon after.
2 1970 Joyce Porter Dover Strikes Again This investigation had got the mockers on it from the start.
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put the ˈmockers on something

(British English, informal) stop something from happening or spoil its chances for success: According to the weather forecast, it’s going to rain, which will really put the mockers on our plans for a barbecue.
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Well, I've just put the mockers on that lot now, haven't I?
The main changes seen were in the prescription of calcium channel Mockers, and thiazides, which significantly increased in the intervention group compared with the control group," the researchers wrote.
The former Premier League footballer with no amateur boxing experience made his pro debut in 2006 and, ignoring the mockers, has carved out a successful career in the ring, winning the English welterweight title last year.
Thornton has had the mockers on Taylor since last year's UK Open, but nobody beats the 'Power' all the time.
When I heard the parentals discussing it during a post-work kettle-boil, I found myself wondering what would have happened to my Daddy (who works with calculators in an office) if he happened to take a bite out of someone's arm when they put the mockers on a climactic sum he was in the middle of.
Indeed if Maggs keeps Mose in the Championship - and this is where the deity responsible for rugby's mockers must be gentle - it must go down as one of the best achievements in the club's recent history.
And it didn't take long for the ribbing to start, with US President Barack Obama among the mockers.
SEAN LINEEN admits he is amazed Cardiff have put the mockers on Dan Parks' farewell to Firhill.
There, he was surrounded by mockers, revelers, and reporters.
The following day Clwyd West Tory MP David Jones put the mockers on the notion.
I think the JLS thing last year put the mockers on someone actually turning the lights on," he added.
6 billion for the provision of free medicines in the government hospitals to the poor people of the Province but unfortunately money mockers did not hesitate to deprive off the poor of their rights and looting the state money.
Wilkins was full of praise for Jones, who he admitted deserves sympathy with the cash and resulting player shortage that could yet put the mockers on any promotion dreams.
Who Are You" portrays a stalwart Vincent unhappily surrounded by mockers and scorners (as I, too, have experienced on many occasions).
I won't put the mockers on us after last year, but all I can say is that there is a huge amount of talent there in that Aussie team.