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upwardly mobile

Ascending or having the ability to ascend in social rank, esteem, or class. I was worried that Janet's wealthy parents would think I wasn't upwardly mobile enough to go out with their daughter. It wasn't until I received my uncle's large inheritance that I became in any way upwardly mobile.
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upwardly mobile

If someone is upwardly mobile, they are moving to a higher social position. The Party has been unable to attract upwardly mobile voters. Note: You can describe people who are moving to a lower social position as downwardly mobile. I'm the only downwardly mobile one. My brother's a barrister, and my sister is a barrister who married a High Court judge.
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downwardly (or upwardly) mobile

moving to a lower (or higher) social position; losing (or gaining) wealth and status.
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nerd mobile

n. a full-sized, uninteresting car; a family car. My father always buys some kind of stupid nerd mobile.
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The mobile, superficial mind of the ex-Guards officer, man of showy missions, experienced in nothing but the arts of gallant intrigue and worldly success, had been equally impressed by the more obvious difficulties of such a situation and by Razumov's quiet dignity in stating them.
He was a very young man, about two and twenty, with a dark mobile face that looked older than his years.
Latin America's mobile market is dominated by four multinational operators, which together account for about 80% of the region's subscribers.
According to M:Metrics, the mobile market authority, go2 was the fifth most visited mobile search site in the U.
Mobile TV has emerged as the next major mobile application.
Table 1: Global Mobile Entertainment Market (2006 & 2010):
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Vietnam's booming economy and rapidly growing youth population with a high disposable income has been driving significant consumer demand for mobile services in this Southeast Asian country.
Driven by the need to accelerate fixed-to-mobile substitution as well as counter the increasing threat from new VoIP service providers, a number of leading mobile operators launched UMA dual-mode handset (DMH) services in 2006.
com has signed on as a MADX|Publisher customer and Universal McCann becomes the latest advertising agency to implement TSM's MADX|Agency, the first-of-its-kind mobile advertising management and delivery platform designed specifically for advertising agencies.
This annual report offers a wealth of information on the Mobile market in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan.
is a member of the T-Mobile International group, one of the world's leading companies in mobile communications, and the mobile telecommunications subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG.