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heavy mob

A large group of people, especially one inclined toward violence or unrest. As the demonstration began, a heavy mob of masked men fell upon us and began assaulting anyone carrying a protest sign.
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the ˈheavy mob/brigade

(British English, informal) a group of strong, often violent people employed to do something such as protect somebody: I had to laugh when he turned up at the meeting with his heavy mob, as if he was a mafia boss or something.
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n. the crime syndicate. (Underworld and journalistic.) One of the biggest fish in the mob was pulled from the river yesterday.
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Punishing only half the members of a mob that was collectively responsible for the death of an innocent delivers only half the justice.
Desert Mob continues a tradition of revealing and celebrating the vast cultural, linguistic and geographical diversity of Aboriginal artists, he said I am looking forward to viewing art from across the central and southern NT, including: several Alice Springs-based art centres; the APY Lands of South Australia; as far south as the Great Victoria Desert; west to the Gibson Desert; north to the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia.
He said that ever since the NDA government had come to power, incidents of lynching and mob violence have increased.
The bank said that the branch was attacked by a mob on Wednesday and that it had been set on fire.
People from the mob would angrily kick and slap me.
The MOB mocked Baylor by marching in bunny costumes.
The panel set up on the instructions of Home Minister Rajnath Singh recommended the use of chilli- pepper canisters with a soft nose for mob control," sources privy to the recommendations said.
According to reports, a teenage female teacher, who was burned alive by a mob in Murree, succumbed to her injuries while undergoing treatment.
Sin City's Mob Museum - formally the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, and one of the USA's most highly-rated new tourist attractions with a string of accolades - is offering a selection of wedding celebration packages.
In collaboration with The Fridge and Khaleej Times they put up a flash mob to cheer the city with their choir of heavenly voices.
The manner, in which the youth was dragged out of custody and killed brutally by a mob on the streets, is highly condemnable," Gogoi said in a statement.
They were there for Sunday services, yes, but they were also there to partake in something much larger: a nationwide movement known as "Mass Mob.
They were taking part in a Mass mob -- the latest trend in Rust Belt Catholicism -- which is part heritage tour and part mixer (crudites in the fellowship hall followed the service).
WE started elaborating on what my character's backstory was and how did he become the head of the mob and that he got in there to provide for and protect his family.