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piss and moan

To grumble, gripe, or complain excessively and/or in an annoying fashion. My daughter has reached the age where she pisses and moans about everything we ask her to do. Well, if you spent less time pissing and moaning and more time doing your work, you'd be finished a heck of a lot sooner!
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bitch and moan

rude slang To complain about someone or something. This phrase is usually indicative of the listener's annoyance about the complaints. Oh boy, which dead president is grandpa bitching and moaning about today? If you hate your job so much, quit bitching and moaning about it and look for a new one!
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moan about something

to complain about something. What are you moaning about? I am not moaning about anything.
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moan something out

to say something in a moan. The injured woman moaned the name of her assailant out. She moaned out the name.
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moan with something

to groan because of pain or pleasure. The patient moaned with pain and fear. Ken moaned with pleasure.
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Half of all staff do their griping at their desks while one in seven uses instant messaging or Skype to moan to colleagues or friends.
In fact, we could even have to find something new to moan about.
Squeak, there are other animals inside the pump, the great manatee Trichechus manatus--you've seen it float like a rug that has something wrapped in it among grasses that will not return, eeeoooiieeooooouuuuu, this moan will not be the same mammal but is a democracy with no false knowledge, the sounds pushed to the edge of a painting, globs of oil floating to shores of salt-marshes.
AS YOU age, you'd think you'd run out of things to moan about.
COMPLAINTS about second-hand cars topped the list of moans made to a Government advice service last year.
As for bus driver D M of Newcastle, who moans about pensioners trying to get on the bus before nine o'clock, he's like a child of three playing "You can't get on my bus".
The boss introduced a 'two moans and you're out' policy to clamp down on the 'negative energy' stunting her company's growth.
But she hates giving him a lift because he moans about her driving.
Remind this person he will be a pensioner soon himself and we will note if he moans.
She lambasted farmers' appearances on radio and TV as having more moans per minute than a dodgy late-night film on Channel 5.
1] Such slender projections, she moans, calligraphy, plaster lions, rhymes, crab canons.
If she accepted none of these, I eventually learned to walk away, and each time I did so her moans and my remorse dissipated a little.
Other explanations in the top ten of Monday moans included feeling tired and taking a while to get back into 'work mode'.
Gone is the friendly banter and the amusing letters and in has come the moans and groans and doom and gloom.
he moans so Wardman told moans about moans about taken, he signing He said: "I was having my hair cut, she was having hers dyed.