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The process of mixing promotes solvent evaporation due to constant renewal of the surface at the mixed sand and air interface.
Mark Lewis, StorageTek senior product marketing manager says that although S torageTek offers advanced virtual partition capability, using virtual partitions for mixed media is awkward and time consuming.
Buildup of sand and chemicals on the interior of the mixer and the mixing blades is a continual process that, if left unhindered, will continue to grow until it affects the quality of the mixed sand or the mixer's ability to process it.
DOLPHIN's best-in-class technologies will shape the way both Analog and Mixed Signal engineers do complex mixed signal designs and SoC Integrators beat PCB design in all performances.
Ready Mixed is the 6th acquisition since the end of June for Audax Group's private equity business.
It is well known that excessive variation in the uncured elasticity of mixed batches can and does lead to downstream quality problems such as dimensional stability problems with extrusion, non-fills in injection molding and physical property variations with continuous vulcanization, to name a few.
No distinguishable differences in the mixed samples were observed between 30 and 40 revolutions of mixing.
The shot volume is okay, but there is still the hose full of mixed material.
ModelSim is an excellent choice when it comes down to language support, mixed HDL simulation and integration with the Mentor Graphics analog/mixed-signal solution," said Rainer Holzhaider, Director Foundry Services, austriamicrosystems.
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Note that the first compound listed, not the first compound mixed, has an unusually high mixing energy and longer mix time than would be expected compared to the other free-mixed compounds.
Silicon & Software Systems (S3), one of the world's leading electronics design companies, today announced the establishment of its Mixed Signal Solutions Center to provide a one-stop-shop for the design, implementation and systems integration of Mixed Signal circuit solutions.
Internal Mixers are best suited to exert a high localized shear stress to the material being mixed and a lower shear rate stirring (homogenizing action).
Counterrotating twin screws are recommended for these materials: ones that are not mixed thoroughly by common corotating screw elements; ones that are heat-sensitive and degrade under the shear stress imparted by corotating screws; or materials that are too slippery to be handled by drag-flow conveying.