mix it

mix it (up)

To fight or argue with someone. That guy's always coming in here and trying to mix it up with the other patrons. When it comes to politics, Jerry sure likes to mix it with those who don't share his views.
See also: mix

ˈmix it (with somebody)

(British English) (American English ˌmix it ˈup (with somebody)) (informal) argue with somebody or cause trouble: Don’t take any notice of what he says. You know what he’s like — always trying to mix it.
See also: mix
References in classic literature ?
Better mix it up, I reckon--have suthin' half statoo, half fountain," interposed the elder Mattingly, better known as "Maryland Joe," "and set it up afore the Town Hall and Free Library I'm kalklatin' to give.
I've a good mind to mix it with you anyway," Long gritted through his teeth.
I try to mix it all up because people aren't exposed to great varieties of music.
In Denmark we have workshops where dancers from the company can do choreography, and I could mix it," he says.
It's OK to have a little chocolate (in fact, research has shown that nothing else can satisfy a chocolate craving) - just be sure to mix it with less-fattening foods.